So simple! How to open wine like a pro using a wine key!

‘Tis the season for drinking a lot of corked goodies. Let’s be honest, when is it not? Make this season special by learning to use a true wine key and ditch the giant corkscrew you have taking up space in your kitchen. Your friends and mom will be so impressed with your newfound skill, they might just start buying you wine just to see you do it again. Let us show you how to open a bottle of wine in four quick, easy steps:

1. Pull out the small blade near the top of the wine key. Gently place near the top of the bottle where there is a lip. Holding the blade in one hand and the bottle in another, slice through the wrapping by rotating the bottle 360 degrees. Now, you should be able to use the blade to gently lift off the wrapping covering the cork. Close blade.

2. Next, open the wine key so that it forms a “T.” Hold the wine key in your hand so that the corkscrew aligns with your middle finger. Place the first edge (not the point) of the corkscrew on the edge of the bottle at 90 degrees, then lift straight up and down. If you do this, you will be centered (important so that you do not break the cork).

3. Screw the corkscrew all the way into the cork. This allows you to have the best grip possible on the cork, preventing breakage.

4. Now, on the side of the corkscrew that has two notches, press that down to be parallel with the corkscrew. The top notch should touch or be close to touching the top of the wine bottle. If you have to press it down a bit to make it touch, that’s okay. Put pressure on that notch so that it pulls the corkscrew (and cork!) out of the wine. It won’t come all the way out at this point, but pull as far as you are able.

5. Switch to the bottom notch on the wine key and have that touching the top of the wine bottle. Put pressure on the second notch and gently pull the cork out of the wine bottle. You did it! Save your cork- you may not finish the wine (ha! Who am I kidding?) Save your cork to commemorate your new fancy skill. Cheers!

P.S. This Castle Rock Pinot Noir is my absolute fave and Food & Wine agrees.


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