Grown up hot chocolate: Espresso Vodka Steamer

I will be totally candid here—–we drink a fair share of espresso flavored vodka in the winter. We don’t mind spending our Saturday nights playing Farkle and trying to stay awake late enough to watch SNL. Right when the yawns start to kick in we whip up a batch of Espresso Vodka Steamers and take Walter¬†over to the prairie reserve for a quick romp in the snow. By the time we get home we’re caffeinated, warmed up, and ready for whatever weirdness Kate McKinnon has up her sleeve (she’s my favorite). Here’s the recipe:

Espresso Vodka Steamer

Splash of aztec chocolate bitters
1 oz. three olives triple shot espresso flavored vodka
1 oz. Irish cream
8 oz. freshly brewed coffee
Marshmallows to garnish

Add the bitters to the bottom of a coffee mug (I love my clear ones, above, which you can purchase here), add the espresso vodka and Irish cream. Slowly pour coffee into the mixture until the cup is full. Top with marshmallows (roast them for extra goodness) and enjoy!


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