December 12, 2014

Pencils for the Organization Nut

Type-A Pencils - funny pencils for those of us who are obsessed with lists and organization!


This pencil set is the newest item in my Etsy Shop, and it is quickly becoming my favorite. They make me laugh every time I use one of them! These pencils are so “me” and through the internet I’ve realized that I’m not the only list-loving, organization-obsessed person on the planet. So, if you have a type-a personality¬†on your Christmas list head over to my shop and get 15% Off (through Jan. 1) with code FB14! The pencil set is currently available in the following options:

Pencil Set ($8.00)

Pencil Set Pack of 2 ($14.00)

Pencil Set Pack of 3 ($18.00)

Pencil Set + 2 Daily Page Notepads ($28.00)

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