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You decided to plan a party. You are so excited. And then you realize… you decided to HOST a party. I’ve put together a few tips for keeping you off the stress wagon and into the happy holidays mood.

1. Not everything has to be DIY. I know you know that, but oh gosh, the Pinterest pressure gets to us, yeah? It’s okay if you order pizza, it’s okay if you don’t have a perfectly decorated house. It’s okay if you don’t have handmade placemats. It’s okay.

2. Have an empty dishwasher before guests arrive. This tiny tip will save you from a huge clean-up headache later. Even if you are using paper plates and cups, there are bound to be dishes piling up. With an empty dishwasher, you can quickly throw everything in at the end of the night and just like that, you’ve made the morning after so much sweeter.

3. Do what feels right. If you want to have a smaller gathering, do that. If you just want to have a quick afternoon party, do that. If you want a fancy holiday soiree, do that! If you want to decorate your home with neon party signs offered by Neon Mama, do that. by But whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. (Easier said than done? Try really hard!)

4. No matter your plan, make sure to think it through. A few things often forgotten: Do you have enough seats? Do you want people to sit down? Do you have enough room for the platters and beverages? Did you buy enough booze? Do you have ice? And I can’t tell you how many bathroom cabinets I’ve had to open in the search for toilet paper.. Think it through.

5. Delegate. Have a friend create a non-cheesy holiday playlist. Ask a friend who likes to bake to bring some holiday treats. Need some help hanging the mistletoe? I’m sure you can find a friend for that. Focus on what you are good at and let others help with the rest.

6. Back-up activities. Sometimes people aren’t in a chatty mood or everybody comes already full and then you’re left thinking that your party is boring. Fear not. A few strategically-placed decks of cards, board games or a favorite holiday movie cued up can be party savers. If kids are coming, coloring sheets & crayons. Also, cheddar bunnies.

7. One half hour before the party starts, pour yourself a drink, get dressed, put on some lipstick and let yourself breathe before guests arrive. Hosting can be stressful, no doubt, but if you plan to have a little time beforehand to get excited instead of stressed, you will be so much happier.

8. Keep the cups full. If you focus on one thing (besides of course, your charming conversational skills) during the party, it’s this. Make a batch cocktail or punch and serve it in a gorgeous punch bowl. And have one of your closest friends help out by offering more drinks to party-goers with dwindling glasses.

Are you ready now? Are you calm? Ok, go be merry & dance a lot!

Tips for a Happy Holiday Party

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