Stuff to Watch: 5 documentaries to watch on Netfllix  if you're a fan of the Serial podcast + 3 more. You’ll notice a theme here: documentaries. But if there’s anything we love more than a good documentary, it’s a good podcast. Last month we had a long road trip back to Minnesota and we powered through the Serial Podcast (so good), and our obsession with it is evident in our streaming history. Lots and lots of crime documentaries. Here are the best ones we’ve watched recently:


1. Crazy Love (Watch on Netflix) – This documentary chronicles a love story in the 1950s that goes wrong. So wrong. And then has the most bizarre ending ever. I can’t even.

2. Shenandoah (Watch on Netflix) – This documentary revisits the story of 4 white high school football players who were charged with the murder of a Mexican immigrant. Talk about peer pressure gone horribly wrong.

3. How to Die in Oregon (Watch on Netflix) – This one is particularly heartbreaking….almost impossible to watch in it’s entirely. If you’ve been moved by the story of Brittany Maynard (the 29 year old who ended her struggle with cancer using physician assistant suicide) then this documentary will definitely strike a chord. It follows several patients who choose to Die with Dignity.

4. Lost for Life (Watch on Netflix) – This one interviews prisoners who are serving life sentences for crimes they committed as minors. 38 states currently allow minors to serve life sentences for their crimes. It’s interesting but also includes gruesome details and crime scene images….so be warned.

5. The Internet’s Own boy (Watch on YouTube) – It’s pretty awesome that you can watch this entire thing on YouTube…and I recommend that you make the time to do so (it’s almost 2 hours long). The documentary starts with the story of Aaron Swartz, the founder of Reddit. Who battled a 2-year legal nightmare (you won’t even believe all the details) and ends with his suicide. Excerpt from the synopsis: “This film is a personal story about what we lose when we are tone deaf about technology and its relationship to our civil liberties.” Must watch.


6. Print the Legend (Watch on Netflix) – Are you hip to 3D Printers? I remember Josh introducing me to the idea a few years ago and the concept seemed so far-fetched. But the technology is here and this documentary follows two of the major start-ups who are hoping to revolutionize the industry.

7. Rand University (Watch on Netflix) – This 30-for-30 documentary chronicles the rise of Randy Moss. Remember him? The greatest thing that ever happened to Minnesota sports since…..ever? It’s a riveting and at times heartbreaking story of his rise to the NFL from his roots in Rand, West Virginia.

8. The Waiting Room (Watch on Netflix) – What do you get when you put a camera crew in the waiting room of a pubic hospital treating mostly uninsured patients? One heck of a documentary. Watching this made me sweaty and anxious. Which is why I’m not a nurse.

Stuff to Watch Vol. V

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