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Apple Cider Dark and Stormy: 2 oz Black Rum,  6 oz Apple Cider, dash of cinnamon, 2 oz Ginger Beer.

Today’s post is the first in a 3-part series in which we’ll share three holiday drink recipes each Wednesday leading up to Christmas. So, check back next week because the concoctions just keep getting better!

Have you been drinking an embarrassing amount of Apple Cider lately? I have, too. It’s just too dang good. But let’s make it better by adding some rum and sweetening things up with a cinnamon sugar rim, shall we? These would be awesome for serving in a giant punch bowl for a party or for a night on the couch watching Netflix. We served them cold, but they’d be just as awesome with warm apple cider served in mugs (lose the ice for that!)

Apple Cider Dark & Stormy

For each drink:

2 oz. Cruzan Blackstrap Rum
6 oz. Apple Cider
Ginger Beer
Dash of Cinnamon
Cinnamon Sugar
Apple slices to Garnish

Rub the edges of each glass with lime (or a little cider!) and dip into cinnamon sugar until coated. Fill about halfway with crushed ice.

In a shaker, add the rum, apple cider and cinnamon with a good amount of ice. Shake, shake, shake!

Strain into the prepared glass or mason jar. Garnish with apple slices.

Pssst—-we used non-alcoholic Ginger Beer, but if you want to make it extra-boozy for a cold winter’s night try Crabbies (alcoholic) Ginger Beer.


Apple Cider Dark and Stormy: 2 oz Black Rum,  6 oz Apple Cider, dash of cinnamon, 2 oz Ginger Beer.


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