8 Tips for buying the perfect mattress

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Mattress Shopping: 8 Tips for finding the perfect mattress.

We’ve recently started our Master Bedroom Revamp and although I am so excited for new bedding, new art, and that fresh paint job, nothing has been quite as vital as our hunt for the perfect mattress. In looking for a mattress there were a few things we were looking for: 1. A mattress comfortable for slide sleepers (we both sleep on our side). 2. A mattress that is designed to regulate body temperature. He’s always hot. I’m always cold. 3. Something luxurious and made of high-quality materials.

1. Do your research: Take note of comfortable beds you’ve slept on and find out what type they were. Ask friends and family members for advice. Look up mattress reviews online.

2. Don’t buy it without testing it out: It’s a little awkward but there’s no other way to find a comfortable mattress!

3. Look at the numbers: There are thousands of  options when it comes to mattresses. Narrow it down by determining your budget and working from there. Find 3-5 mattresses that are top candidates before moving on to step #4.

4. Plan to spend a couple hours at the store: Take your pillow and your partner with. Both of these things effect how you lie on the bed and the weight of your partner will effect how the mattress feels.  Spend 10-15 minutes on each mattress. Test out the position you would normally sleep in.

5. The right mattress should feel like floating: There should be no pressure applied to your joints or bones and you shouldn’t be able to feel any of  the springs or the inner support system. If you sleep on your side try doing the “waist test”. Can you slide 2-3 fingers between your waist and the mattress? If so, that’s a sign that the mattress isn’t properly supporting you.

6. Ignore old myths and wives’ tales: Such as coil count. The more coils don’t necessarily mean more comfort (a count of 390 is ideal and you can’t really feel a difference beyond that). A firmer mattresses isn’t necessarily better for people with lower back pain—-although we’re often told that. The perfect mattress is different for each person (hence the importance of #4).

7. Material matters: ask about what materials are used in the mattress, especially in the top layer that will come in contact with you. Some materials breathe easier than others. Certain types of foam and synthetic fabrics can retain heat and leave you sweating in the night. Other mattresses are designed to keep you cool and help regulate your temperature.

8. Ask about money-back or comfort guarantees and check the warranty: These are a great way to ensure you get the right mattress. Sometimes it takes weeks to realize that the mattress isn’t comfortable for you and guarantees give you the option to change your mind and try something different.  A high-quality mattress should come with at least a 10-year warranty. If no warranty is offered that should make you raise an eyebrow.

After our mattress shopping experience we had it narrowed down to 2 choices. Both are from the Simmons BeautyRest Black Collection: the Kate and the Sidney. Both mattresses are about as luxurious as you can get and feature a Micro Diamond Infused AirCool Memory Foam top layer that will help regulate our temperatures throughout the night. More on BeautyRest Black and our final decision later!


The Perfect Mattress

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