Tips for New Bloggers: Consistency and Organization.

I love talking to people who are new to blogging and hearing about their goals and ideas as well as offering up some of the lessons I’ve learned in my own journey. My #1 piece of advice is always to be consistent and plan ahead. Unless you get extremely lucky, it will take you months or even years to build a following of readers. You have to be consistent to keep that growing. And in order to be consistent you have to be motivated to keep writing. I’ve always found that I am motivated by organization. Sounds weird but it’s so true. If I take 5 minutes to plan out all of my posts for the week ahead, I am way more likely to put the time and energy into preparing, writing, publishing and promoting them. It also gives me a chance to look at a calendar and align any of my writing with current events, holidays, or brand promotions. I have used my Blogger’s Page for years. It used to be available in my Etsy Shop as a 50-page notepad, but since I am no longer planning to offer that product, it is now there in an updated digital download that you can grab for $10. (plus get 10% off with code HONEY).

And if you’re an organization nut but not-so-much a blogger be sure to check out my Daily Page Notepad, which allows you to track to-dos, cleaning, fitness, hydration, goals, shopping lists + more all one one page!


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