Keep the wild in you. (free printable)

Big thanks to everyone who participated in #TheMayChallenge. Over 200 of you signed up, and our hashtag on Instagram included nearly 500 pictures of folks getting fit, eating healthy, and spreading motivation. I loved scrolling through everyone’s images, and hope that you did, too! It takes only 21 days to develop a new habit, and I hope that throughout the month you were able to create several new habits that have you feeling healthier and more in control of how you’re living your life. As a thank you for participated (or just following along) you can download or print the above image by clicking here. Hang it up by your desk, by your fridge, by your front door—somewhere that you’ll see it and hopefully be reminded to keep up with the routine you developed during #TheMayChallenge. Thanks for playing along!

As promised, I’ve selected 3 folks who will receive a small “May Challenge” care package. If your name/picture is below please send your shipping information to! Congratulations Mrs_AmyThompson, CaitSchlabach and Schreiersc08!


End of May

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