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Affordable fitness clothes & accessories + the workout pants that instantly lengthen and slim your legs!  (all from Target)

The end is in sight for #TheMayChallenge and I hope everyone who has participated has had a great month! I hope that when the month wraps up you will look back and see that you were more active, learned some new recipes, and started making time for meal planning, goal setting and time management.  That’s the real goal, in the end, afterall.

Along with those things…I’ve also picked up a bit of a habit for Target’s fitness apparel. Everything is just so cute, affordable, and durable. Here are some of my favorite clothing items along with tech gadgets and accessories that I’ve been loving this month:

C L O T H E S :

1. Tanks (pictured: C9 Double Layer Tank, $23) – I spend a lot of hot days on my bike and I love all their light, sweat-wicking tanks that are not only practical, but cute. I don’t mind wearing them while we bike to restaurants or bars.

2. Cropped Leggings (pictured: C9 Capri Tight, $25) – Since I’m not a huge fan of shorts I do most of my physical activity in cropped capris. I especially love these ones from C9. If you’re a little curvy on the bottom these pants do a really magical optical illusion, making legs look longer and more slender (always a plus).

T E C H :

3.  FitBit Flex ($100) – I’ve been wearing my Flex for over a year and I’m anxiously waiting a new model…but it has done it’s job and has made me more conscious of my physical activity. Working from home, it’s easy to be sedentary (especially during a solid Midwest Winter)…this little guy tracks my activity so that I’m totally aware when I haven’t been moving around much.

4. FitBit Aria Scale ($130) – If you’re a FitBit Wearer the Aria is a must-have accessory. The scale connects to your wifi and automatically updates your weight and other stats on sites like MyFitnessPal. It tracks multiple users—-so my husband and I both use it and it automatically detects which one of us is on the scale and updates our profile….seamlessly. The Flex + Aria have been vital to reaching and maintaining my fitness goals.

A C C E S S O R I E S :

5. Remington Yoga Head Wraps ($5, sold out on line, check your local store) – Most of our biking is to events, concerts, bars and restaurants (we bike both for fitness and function) and that sometimes means that I don’t want my hair yanked in a pony tail + smashed under a helmet. These yoga head wraps help keep my growing-out-almost-there bangs in place under my helmet and make a cute accessory. I love wearing them boho style for a look that’s both sporty + chic.

6. Ello Water Bottles ($15) – The mister and I each got one of these to use in the car during long trips. I love the glass container,grippy rubber overlay and bright colors!

7. Remington Ribbon Elastics ($2.50) – A few years ago you had to order your ribbon elastics online. They were hard to get (sometimes with waiting lists) and kind of expensive. But now you can find them almost anywhere, Target included. I love them because they’re comfortable (and pretty) on your wrist when not in use and they don’t leave a crease.

8. T-TECH Gym Bag ($50) – The worst part of going to the gym used to be getting my stuff together. Shoes, arm band, headphones, gym pass, padlock. It always added an extra 10 minutes to my prep time and finally getting a designated “gym bag” is saving my time and my sanity. Grab it and go.

9. Gaiam Yoga Mat Wash ($10) – Have you taken a whiff of your mat lately? Mmmm, yeah. Necessary. (Here’s a recipe for a DIY yoga mat wash, too, you crafty lady!)

O T H E R  F A V O R I T E S :

10. C9 Layering Yoga Top ($20) – A perfect tee to layer over a workout tank. I love the back of this and the fit is ultra-comfy.

11. C9 Fit & Flare Tank ($20) – Super cute back and a lose-fit throughout the stomach make this top super comfortable on hot days.

12. C9 Layering Top ($25) – I love this little sweatshirt wrap for throwing on before the gym, or keeping in my bag when biking.

Target on Fitness

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