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It’s the 8th day of May and I hope the month is off to a great start for you, whether you are taking part in #TheMayChallenge or not! Today I’m really thrilled to have my friend Jaimie visiting as our second guest blogger. Jaimie is another local Madison blogger and I never get mad when she offers to deliver me lunch! She’s put together this healthy plan for an entire week of healthy dinners complete with recipes and a shopping list! (Again, if you are interested in being a featured guest blogger during the month of May please drop me an email or tweet).
One week meal plan for healthy dinners! Includes recipes and a shopping list!
Hi there, my name is Jaimie and I’m the voice behind Lizzy in the Kitchen. I hope you’re enjoying #TheMayChallenge so far! When Dani asked me to create a healthy meal plan for the challenge, I was totally on board. The May Challenge is such a great way for us all to support each other and to create a community around health and happiness, and we can all probably use some help when it comes to planning healthy meals!

Working out a meal plan for a week can be totally stressful with so many resources for recipes, but I’ve done all the work for you. I tried to pick out recipes that have some similar ingredients, such as lemons, kale and quinoa. The best thing about buying big bags of grains is that there is usually some leftover for the following week! Don’t forget to pick up kosher salt, black pepper and some extra virgin olive oil. Armed with those essentials, you can make anything happen in the kitchen. Feel free to shoot me a tweet if you have any questions or catch me on Instagram. Cheers to a healthy May!

One Week Meal Plan

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