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Free Printable : A 1-month plan for perfectly formed push ups! #TheMayChallenge

Happy 2nd day of May! And for those of you participating in #TheMayChallenge, happy 2nd day of the challenge! Registration for the challenge closed today, with over 180 participants! Exciting stuff.

Today’s post is a little free printable calendar for May. It also includes a month-long plan for push-ups! Perhaps you already have incredible upper body strength…but I am not this person. One of my goals this month is to be able to do 10 (properly formed) push-ups and this calendar is going to help me get there. Feeling the same way? Go here to download and/or print the calendar. The number of push-ups assigned to each day is highlighted in green and Ryan Gosling is waiting to give you a tricep massage on day 31 (because…why not?)!

If you find yourself struggling to increase to the number of push-ups assigned, try doing sets throughout the day (morning, noon and night). If full push-ups are just too much for you, try doing knee-push ups in May and repeat this schedule in June! Not sure how to do a properly formed push-up? Learn how in this 2-minute video from PopSugar (can I just have that chick’s arms like right now?).

You can also use this calendar to schedule and plan your workouts or active weekend activities throughout the month. Share your progress on social media with #TheMayChallenge.

Push-up Challenge Printable

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