Join #TheMayChallenge: 1 month of motivating each other to eat clean, hydrate and be active!

Anyone else have a somewhat lazy (and extremely cold) winter filled with days next to the fireplace and perhaps one-too-many evenings of ordering in Thai food? That’s the boat I’m in and now it’s spring—-which I also affectionately call that-time-of-year-when-i-need-to-watch-what-i-eat-and-drop-5-pounds. For some reason this year I’m having a hard time getting motivated—-maybe it’s the way the cold weather is lingering, or maybe I just need some friends to play along?! Interested in joining me for #TheMayChallenge? Hope so! The idea of the challenge is simply to create a community where we can all motivate and encourage each other through the month of May. There is no cost and no products to purchase. There’s also no set routine. You get to set your own goals and make your own commitments to Fitness and Wellness. When you sign up you will get my Printable Food & Fitness Planner (available on Etsy) for FREE. At the end of the month you will also be eligible to win 1 of 3 lovely little care packages! Here’s how to join the challenge:

**As of May 2nd registration is closed. You are welcome to join in using the hashtag, but you will not receive the introductory email or free printable. Follow me on Instagram and be the first to know about upcoming challenge groups.**

1. Fill out the questions on this form. If you don’t want to fill in a field, leave it blank! I’ll use your email address to send you the free printable. The handles and MyFitnessPal information are so that we can motivate and encourage each other during the month-long challenge! (FYI: your information may be shared with other members of the challenge so that we can follow each other).

2. Get the email from me, print off your first Food & Fitness Planner and start planning your food for the week ahead! You can start right away or plan out meals for next week (May 5-10) and schedule a shopping trip for this weekend. The hardest part of eating healthy is planning to eat healthy. Once it’s down on paper you’re way more likely to make healthy choices throughout the week! Make it fun—do research on pinterest, fill in your meal planner, clean your fridge and get excited about the healthy meals you’ll be cooking!

3. Set up a MyFitnessPal account if you don’t already have one but would like to use one for the challenge. It’s a great way to track calories and take note of what you’re putting into your body. I suggest at least giving it a try to see what you think!

4. Use the hasthtag #TheMayChallenge on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook throughout the month of May so that we can motivate and encourage each other, share recipes, share workout ideas and track each other’s progress! I’ll also use the hashtag to select who receives the 5 care packages at the end of the month!

That’s it! Are you up for the challenge?

May Fitness Challenge

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