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My experience with ItWorks - why I went from an eye-rolling, super annoyed skeptic to a loyal customer.  #ItWorks

I’m chuckling while I’m typing this. I’m thinking about all the eye-rolls I tossed towards my friend Keonna over the past few months. Basically whenever she would post something about these damn wraps I would launch into my eye-roll-chuckle-scroll-past-her-post routine. Luckily, despite my skepticism, when she launched as an ItWorks distributor I made a promise to her that I would try one of those wraps…eventually.

Well, eventually finally came, and I found myself in the bathroom with my entire torso wrapped in saran wrap. I felt like Dexter’s next victim. Again I laughed. This sh*t was hilarious.

But I wasn’t laughing a couple hours later when I took the wrap off and saw the results. Or a couple days later when the results had continued. But I’m definitely laughing now, 2 weeks after my first wrap, when I think about how enthralled I am with these products and what they’re doing to my skin.

As someone who regularly tests and reviews products (either here or at Beauty Bets) I have seen my fair share of too-good-to-be-true branding. Products that promise but rarely deliver. Products that cost a fortune but aren’t worth a penny. In my experience, ItWorks is not one of those products. As someone who is health conscious and a huge proponent of clean eating and regular exercise—-it was hard for me to think that a wrap would make any type of a difference…or to feel like a product was promoting that you’d get “skinny” or “fit” just by wrapping your torso and sitting around for a few hours. I know that might seem like how these are being presented, but it’s so much more than that.

I’m guessing that you also have one of these “wrap people” on your newsfeed. I’m guessing that you’re probably sick of seeing their posts. Sick of hearing them talk about it. Sick of their “pyramid scheme” and sick of their virtual party invites. I get it. I totally know where you’re at. But my advice: remove them from your newsfeed if you have to but don’t let that stop you from trying the products. Below are the three products that turned this giant skeptic into a giant fan and my experiences with each:

Wraps ($59.00 for 4) – The idea here is that the wrap uses your skin (the body’s largest organ) as a delivery system. Think about nicotene patches. Birth control patches, etc. The skin is an amazing delivery system. The natural formula (lotion) on the wrap is absorbed through your skin and starts a process that lasts 72 hours. You put the wrap on for at least 45-minutes (or up to a few hours) and drink a lot of water. The immediate results are tighter, firmer skin and an all-over “smoother” look. But the process lasts 3 days. You want to drink at least 1/2 your body weight in water each day and at the end of the 72-hour period you’ll feel like you just did a 3-day cleanse. The results above were after just 1 wrap. Read more & purchase here.

Defining Gel ($45.00 per bottle) – This stuff has probably changed my life. I’ve always suffered from dry and overly-sensitive skin and nothing I tried seemed to moisturize it entirely. I also had sun damage on the fronts of my shins from too many summer days poolside. The sun damage presented as freckles or age spots and I had resigned to the fact that I’d have them forever. But guess what, they’re gone. It actually only took a couple days of applying the defining gel for there to be a noticeable lightening in their color—-but 2 weeks later and their gone. I use this daily on my entire body and I love the firming effect it has. Hooked. Read more & purchase here.

Greens ($33.00) – I drink this each morning. I mix 2 small scoops of Berry Greens with 10 ounces of water and 1 ounce of Pom Juice. Each glass of Greens provides you with 8 servings of fruits & vegetables along with 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics. This doesn’t replace a healthy diet—-but it definitely helps supplement what you’re already doing while providing you with a convenient dose of nutrients and a natural burst of energy. Read more & purchase here.

I want to make sure that I’m not touting these as miracle products. Nothing replaces a healthy lifestyle that includes a well-rounded, healthy diet and regular exercise. I think if your overall lifestyle is unhealthy you might try these products and not be amazed—-but you might try them and be inspired or motivated to make the necessary changes in other aspects of your life. Maybe seeing your stomach post-wrap will make you realize that you want to lose those 10 pounds. Maybe incorporating Greens into your diet will make you realize that you could be consuming more fruits and vegetables. And maybe using defining gel will give you the confidence to wear shorts for the first time in 20 years….and maybe that confidence will encourage you to continue on your healthy journey.

So, you know that annoying “wrap person” on your newsfeed? Now would be an okay time to shoot them a message and ask about these products. Or you can contact me with any questions or to place an order: Email: Twitter: @Thyme_is_Honey Instagram: @Thyme_is_Honey.


ItWorks Review

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  2. Jan says:

    coming back after breast cancer. Growing back my hair, nails, skin…. All new cells actually. Your posts really help!!

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