Lash Week at! A week of tips, tricks, DIYs and our favorite mascaras, lash serums and mink falsies!

I’m kind of obsessed with lashes. I find myself captivated by everyone’s (do I sound like a creep?) and I’m an absolute JUNKIE when it comes to lash products. If you’re in the same boat then I’d love for you to join us at Beauty Bets next week for LASH WEEK! It’s a pretty exciting line-up and I’m in the hotseat on Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll be sharing an amazing lash serum that has absolutely amazed me over the past year (no prescription required and only $30) and I’ll also be doing a tutorial on how to apply Esqido false lashes—they’re made out of 100% genuine mink fur and flutter like a dream. Hope you’ll swing by next week to check out the posts and hear all the details! xx.

Lash Week

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