October 17, 2013

Sequined Sweaters

Three ways to Wear a Sequined Sweater this fall.

Sometimes I buy things with sequins on them and they just hang in my closet—never to be worn. But that’s not the case with this Sparkle Sweater from Flourish Boutique ($84.50), this one is going to get a lot of wear this fall & winter. The matte gold sequins are perfect—sparkly but not too sparkly, and I adore how the inside of the sweater is lined—so it doesn’t itch! Even though sequins are pretty glam, and can easily be dressed up for work or an event…it’s also fun to layer them or pair them with jeans + flats to add a little sparkle to your every day attire.

1. Paired with denim & layered under a surplus vest: Sparkle Sweater ($84.00), Surplus Vest ($48.00), American Eagle Hi-Rise Jegging ($29.95), Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Minka ($150.00), Mia Edie Flat ($53.99, color unavailable).

2. With colored skinny jeans in a rich color: Sparkle Sweater ($84.00), GAP Skinny Mini Skimmer Khakis in Beach Plum ($42.99), Aldo Dobrus Flats ($65.00).

3. Tucked into a pencil skirt with a necklace: Sparkle Sweater ($84.00), ASOS Bengaline Pencil Skirt ($44.50), Aldo Frited 4″ Heels ($90.00).

Sequined Sparkle Sweater was received courtesy of Flourish Boutique. 

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