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Mismatched Maids: pairing dresses in different hues & textures.

Aren’t we all so thankful that the days of long, heavy, matchy-matchy and often heinous bridesmaids dresses seem to be behind us? The mistmatched maid trend is not only more fun for the maids, but also more fun for the bride—who gets to see the personality of each gal come through in her selected attire and can rest assured that each has selected a dress she likes.

There really are no rules—and getting it right is pretty simple. Start by selecting your wedding color or theme and then head to your local paint store—-this is a great place to figure out what colors fall together. Pick somewhere between 4-8 chips in a range that you are comfortable with. Give the chips to your wedding party as a starting point. You can leave the rest up to them or instate a couple more rules to help guide them, such as: desired length, preferred fabrics, certain necklines, sleeve-length/style, or whether things like sequins, feathers, glitter or belts are okay with you.

Here’s the details on the above combinations (all from ModCloth): P U R P L E S: Over Dessert ($84.99), Under the Grape Arbor ($137.99), Rose Tea Time ($79.99), Luncheon Honoree ($52.99). B L U E S: Recital Wave ($77.99), Swept Off Your Feet ($177.99), Blazing Beauty ($52.99), Looking Like a Million ($79.99). B E R R I E S: This Magenta Moment ($97.99), Raspberry Iced Tea ($47.99), Parallel Sparkling ($57.99), Dinner Party Darling ($137.99). N E U T R A L S: Mauve my Way ($72.99), Setting Off Sparkles ($129.99), All About Evening ($187.99), Champagne Soiree ($87.99).

Pairing Bridesmaid Dresses

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