In September I flew out to Seattle to spend a week with one of my closest friends (who happens to be a very talented esthetician) and while I was there she introduced me to coconut oil. She was smearing it on her newborn baby, so naturally I had to inquire—and I’ve been using it ever since.

Coconut oil is nothing short of amazing and you can grab a jar at your local Target (or grocery store) for just a few bucks— it’s located in the food section alongside the cooking & baking oils. If snagging a jar of custom-scented natural moisturizer isn’t enough for you (and darling, let me tell you, this stuff can moisturize) I have also included a list of 20 Awesome Uses for Coconut Oil down below (this stuff can really multi-task).

You can scoop the coconut oil straight out of the jar and apply it like a moisturizer–it comes out as a solid but quickly turns to an oil thanks to your body heat:

Besides the jar of Coconut Oil (which you can also buy in bulk online) you will need the following products to create the Coconut Oil Moisturizer:

Nalgene container– The clear 16 oz option but you could also up-cycle an empty food jar or other container that is wide & shallow.

Bamboo Spoons– This is obviously optional but it is nice to have something designated to use for scooping the oil out.

100% Pure Essential Oils– I got this pack of assorted oils because several of them have specialized uses when mixed with coconut oil (tea tree helps cure athletes foot, eucalyptus can be used for making your own Vapor Rub etc.)

Once you have the supplies, mixing up your Coconut Oil Moisturizer only takes a few minutes and a few simple steps:

Once you have blended the coconut oil with your favorite scent you can transfer it into your container of choice, and add a label so you can remember which scent you used (would make such a cute gift, right?):

And finally, here is my list of 20 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil! I gathered most of my ideas from Delicious Obsessions where you can find a list of hundreds of uses for coconut oil, below is just a sample of some of the ones I’ve found the most useful (have your own favorite uses? Would love to hear about them in the comments section):

20 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

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