I bought these beige satin flats last week at Express for $16.00. I figured for that price they would probably murder my feet, but I gave them a shot anyways. To my surprise they were delightfully comfortable. Like so comfortable that I would plan my outfits around them. So now I had a dilemma: I had these really comfortable $16.00 shoes that I wanted to wear everywhere…but they were kind of boring the h*ll out of me.

So yesterday as I sat staring at them while simultaneously perusing the internet (deadly combo), I thought “Those shoes could use some polka dots”. Next thing I knew I was in a creative coma and when I came to I had a Sharpie in my hand and polka dotted flats on my feet.

On a couple side-notes—I’ve tried to find these online…mostly because I’d like to order 700 more pairs to do ridiculous things with, but to no avail. They are no longer available for purchase online. Boo, Express.  I found them at my local Express last week…so I suggest trying to find them in-store if you’re on the hunt. Also, like I mentioned, they’re satin, so I make no promises for how a Sharpie marker might work/stay on faux leather or other materials.

If you try this project for yourself make sure you share a picture with me @JournalingMrs

DIY: Polka Dot Shoes…

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