I recently got a request to share my top 10 online shopping sites. So, without further ado…

Anthropologie– If this site isn’t instant love for you, then you may have something wrong with you. That, or not a lot of cash to dump on a new outfit. But don’t fear, I rarely buy anything at full-price, I love this website because things go on sale quickly and it’s a great site to look at for outfit inspiration. Check out their sale page here.

Anthropologie Rack– This site is run by a buyer who snatches up Anthro’s sale items and sells them slightly marked up. Not as good as Antho’s authentic sales section, obviously, but a good source for trying to snag that wool jacket you just had to have.

ModCloth– If you’re a lover of vintage and vintage-inspired attire this site is for you. Again, great sales section.

Etsy-I got introduced to this site several years ago when I started out selling jewelry on it. Since then it has become my go-to source for one-of-a-kind finds and inspiration for wedding projects.

Forever 21– This one is a bit tricky. I have to admit this store/website is a dream for the cash-strapped college gal who wants to be stylish on a budget. But let’s all admit it, the quality is not quite there. Regardless, I still adore it for last-minute outfits and for grabbing cheap accessories to finish off an outfit (you know, for those outfits that just need a purple belt and matching clutch). Besides, they now have maternity, so hopefully apparently they are trying to appeal to a more mature audience.

eBay– Killer deals. ‘Nuff said. If you aren’t utilizing this internet-wonder, make an account and get on it.

Art Fire– Similar to Etsy, in fact a lot of the vendors are the same, but occasionally my search for “peacocks” will turn up something new on one of the sites.

Bare Escentuals– I am an addict, and this is my drug. Although I rarely order online I regularly check their site to see what’s new, what’s on sale, and what crazy thing Leslie (the CEO) is up to.

Sephora– This never gets boring. No, seriously. I love checking it out for the hottest new nail shades and makeup trends. If you have some free-time check out their Beauty Advice section.

Simlie Springs– Okay, this is clearly a self-promoting plug. But hey, everyone needs cute jewelry (or perhaps something custom made?) 🙂

Shop it like it's hot…

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