A Minnesotan currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Designing products that help you align your work + wellness.


i'm dani

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Thyme is Honey product?

feel healthier.

start a business.

drink more water.

feel motivated.

workout more often.

eat better.

learn a language.

be productive.

feel happier.

start a family.

practice yoga.

make more money.

be organized.

be more grateful.

start meditating.

get a dog.

travel more often.

Your life feels chaotic, but it isn't your fault. Our modern way of living is out of whack, making it nearly impossible to do all the things.

Ten years ago this all caught up with me, and I knew I had to change the way I was living. I sat down and created a one-page design that could help me align my work and wellness in one place, so that I could finally find the balance I was so desperately chasing after.

A decade later and The Daily Page is still my secret weapon.



You can do all those things,
and so much more, with

Let's take things one checkmark
at a time, shall we?

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I'm Dani, and my mission is pretty simple. I want to help you organize your work + wellness in one place so that you can live your happiest, healthiest, most hydrated life.


how to get started

How do I get it all done? Simple. I fill out The Daily Page, my secret weapon for aligning my work + wellness.

It is now available as a spiral-bound planner, notepad, instant digital download, or planner for the Goodnotes app.

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