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I'm Dani...

Systems and efficiency expert, energy optimizer, and creator of The Daily Page Planner.

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I help people just like you build strong systems and establish kickass habits so you have more time for what really matters.

Imagine waking up each day knowing exactly what to focus on. Your time feels perfectly aligned with your priorities, and you are bursting with energy, creativity, and motivation.

I can pretty much guarantee that you ended up here because you're tired of feeling unfocused and overwhelmed


If you're looking for more alignment and intention in your life...

Let's get down to the nitty gritty! Tell me what you're struggling with, and by the end of our 1-hour call you'll have a clear plan for moving forward.


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Ready to reclaim your time, focus your efforts, and start doing more of what really matters?! From strong systems to organizing your digital photos...I got you!

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These are my not-so-secret weapons! Planners,  notepads, & calendars thoughtfully and sustainably created on a woman-owned printing press in Minnesota.


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I love this planner because it doesn’t just help you map out your workday or your obligations and events—it actually helps you track everything, from goals, wellness habits, and water intake to meal planning, important reminders, and creative brainstorming. It literally has it all when it comes to planning and tracking the life you want to create."


What They Said

"The planner of all planners!

She looks at everything you’ve already created and helps you decide how to incorporate it into a sustainable and actionable plan for your business AND your life. I got SO much more than I thought I would out of this experience!"

- stephanie domrose -

"Working with Dani was absolutely pivotal...

Achieving optimum hydration requires a series of small daily decisions and practices. If you're looking to develop strong habits in any area of your life --- including using hydration for productivity --- Dani is who you're looking for."

- dr. dana cohen -

"Dani will get you there!


"The perfect planner! I'm on my third one and I am a customer for life! It totally changed my productivity."

- Ka Lia S. -

"I am so glad I finally made the purchase not just for myself but for Dani and what she represents in a world that is so chaotic at times. The planner is beautiful in its simplicity, and the quality is fantastic. Do yourself a favor, and order one (or two, like me!)."

- tara b. -

"I highly recommend this planner!! Dani is brilliant. It is the perfect solution and I love all the thoughtful design elements and quality that was put into it! Purchased two for 2022, but will be using this for many years to come. Game changer."


"My favorite planner! I've used the daily page for over 3 years. Loved the pad initially (and still do), but have truly enjoyed the 6-month planner. The hard cover is wonderful."


"I work from home as an Executive Coach, wife & mom. This planner allows me to track everything I’m juggling all in one place, while also focusing on my overall wellness. Cannot say enough good things, I am constantly recommending it!"


"Such a wonderful tool! The Daily page is easy to use and so motivating. It's satisfying to see progress toward goals unfold in real time. I love how customizable it is. So simple, yet so effective."


"I am now a Daily Page devotee. It has everything I need to keep my days on track (in terms of work, physical health, and more). I also love that the pages are undated, as this allows me to pick up the planner after a hiatus and not feel guilty about doing so."


"Before we can change the world... we have to change ourselves."

Holistic, sustainable productivity tools for modern times.

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