Hey! I'm Dani.

A former social media strategist turned productivity and hydration coach for entrepreneurs who want to do their best work. MORE ABOUT ME.

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hello there!

My name is Dani...

And I'm here to help you increase your productivity, motivation, and creativity through the power of hydration.

did you know that more than        of us are living with chronic mild dehydration?!


You'll have healthier hair, skin, and nails, less headaches, and reductions in general aches and pains.

Hydration helps slow down the aging process.


The more hydrated you are, the more efficiently and effectively your brain is able to perform and communicate.

Increased focus, energy, and memory.


When your systems are running smoothly you'll have more energy, motivation, and creativity.

More efficiency leads to more productivity.


The Transformation

Ready to feel your best so you can start doing your best work?!

That's why I promise not to tell you to just chug water all day.

Proper hydration is about more than just chugging water.

fact no. 001

We'll focus on building simple daily habits that are easy to maintain.

If staying hydrated was easy, 75% of us wouldn't be dehydrated.

fact no. 002

So there's a pretty good chance you don't know what hydration feels like.

It can take up to two weeks of hydration to feel all the benefits.

fact no. 003

did you know? 

Water wonder!



in three simple steps:

Let's get you hydrated!

Let's get you hydrated!

Proper hydration is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to transform how you look, feel, and perform. And yet...most of us really suck at it! The Hydration Checklist is designed to get you hydrated quickly and effectively while helping you learn simple daily habits to support a hydrated lifestyle. You'll get my eBook, my daily planning page, and 2 weeks of hydration coaching!

Many of us struggle with hydration because our hectic modern lifestyle doesn't help us prioritize the simple, foundational elements of wellness that are vital to feeling our best and doing our best work. My best-selling design, The Daily Page Planner, is designed to help you align both your work and wellness side by side for a holistic approach to planning and productivity .

Hydration Checklist

The Daily Page

step one: get hydrated

step two: get organized

Once you're properly hydrated you'll likely notice that you have an abundance of energy, creativity, and motivation. Ready to start your own business? Launch your dream product? Or figure out better methods for efficiency and automation? I'm your gal! Sign up for one-on-one Strategy Sessions and let's bring your dream to life!

Strategy Sessions

step three: get to work

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what they said:


"My mind is so much more clear, and thanks to Dani my projects are moving forward faster than ever!"


"I just need to thank you with every hydrated cell in my body for this course."


"Thanks to this program I learned so much about what my body needs and most importantly why it needs it."


"I would call this course a game changer."


"I am so glad I chose this planner to enter the digital planning world! It’s perfect."


"This is the best shop! The products help me create a better life, the company is eco-friendly and plants trees!"

The Hydration

are you ready to stop living life dehydrated?!

It can take up to 2 weeks of proper hydration before you start feeling all the physical and cognitive benefits. This 2-week online course will teach you the basics, help you build hydrating habits, and provide  daily accountability.

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Take what you need, friend.

"Hydration isn't about how much water you drink. It's about how much water your body absorbs."


I've got a course for that.

Have you ever thought about designing your own planner?!

let's go!

I gotta ask...

Stop buying clothes you hate.

My eBook will teach you how to clear the clutter, define your personal style, and start dressing your best with less!

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The clothing industry pollutes our waterways and is a huge source of waste.

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I love traveling by water as much as I love drinking it.

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