Resources + Supplies

I’ve been at this for nearly 7 years, so I’ve tried out my fair share of equipment and tools! Below are the ones that have made the cut, and are now among the products, equipment and tools I regularly use and recommend!
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Foamboard (pack of 10 sheets 20″x30″)
PVC Seamless Backdrop (comes in assorted colors, you might also want this stand if you don’t have a way to secure it)
Travel Tripod (comes with Smartphone Mount), also great for use at home
Dolica 62-inch Tripod – a professional tripod, works well with the extension arm
Tri-Pod Extension Arm – attaches to Tripod and with the use of an iPhone Camera Mount (not included) you can use it to get great overhead shots.
iPhone Mount for Tripods – use this to attach your iphone to any camera tripod (note that the Travel Tripod listed above includes a simpler one, this one is heavier duty and allows you to mount your camera in landscape or portrait mode)
Large Marble Desk Pad – Works great for photos! It’s matte, so it looks more realistic than contact paper.
White Marble Contact Paper – light veining
Microfiber Cloths (pack of 12)
iPhone Lens Kit
Pro Lighting (this set is amazing. Includes 3 lights with their stands, umbrellas and bulbs for $55)
Remote Shutter (connects to your phone with bluetooth. Great when you’re using your tripod for travel photos and don’t want to have to use the timer)
Ring Light (used for makeup photos and tutorials)


Pantone Cards
Black Felt letterboard from Etsy (fun for quotes or delivering messages)
Instax Camera (I like taking pictures of pictures, what can I say?)
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