Got Headaches? Get this $15 Neck Massager ASAP

The Best Neck Massager Why You Need this Neck Massager

Got headaches? Then listen up, boo, because I’ve a couple products that you definitely need to hear more about it! Meet the Gideon Trigger Point Massager and Myofascial Recovery Block. BLESS THEM. Headaches can often be our body’s way of telling us something is up. When I started getting headaches pretty regularly in my early […]

Drink Water Free Wallpaper and Printable

Drink Water Blog Post by Thyme is Honey

You’ve heard me say it a million times: being hydrated will change your life. I’ve been drinking 150 oz per day for the past 7ish years and cannot imagine going back. While consuming a large amount of water each day comes pretty naturally to me, it never hurts to have reminders. If you’re just getting […]

My Skincare Routine

My New and Improved Skincare Routine by Thyme is Honey

Something I got a few times on my reader survey (take it here, it’s anonymous) were requests to share my skincare routine. I currently have a lineup of products that I really love and I’m excited to share! When we were on our trip to Thailand I read The Green Beauty Rules by Paige Padgett […]

The Weekly Water Tracker

Weekly Water Tracker by Thyme is Honey

Anyone who’s been around here for a hot second knows that I’m a firm believer in the power of hydration. I’ve been consuming at least 100 ounces a day for the past 6 years and I will gladly talk your ear off about how much it changed my life. Although I regularly use my Daily Page […]