Things to do in Pai, Thailand

Things to do in Pai Thailand

I think my post about our One Month Trip to Northern and Southern Thailand will go down as my longest blog post ever. Thailand was such a beautiful country, and we crammed so many things into 4 weeks that it was hard to talk about it all in one blog post without getting totally overwhelmed. […]

One Month in Northern and Southern Thailand


Remember that time we spent a month in Asia? We got home like 12 weeks ago and although I actively worked on this blog post throughout the month, actually finishing and publishing it when we got home totally got away from me. Having 4 weeks of work to catch up on amid the already busy holiday […]

How to Pack a Carry On For a 1-Month Trip

How to Pack a Carry On For a One Month Trip to Asia

Tomorrow we’re heading to Asia for a 30-day backpacking trip. The first two weeks we’ll be in Japan and Thailand, but the last two trips are up in the air, which is really exciting! I’m going to keep this post pretty simple, but just wanted to show you how easy it can be to travel […]

Dog Friendly Travel: Milwaukee, WI

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Looking for a great destination to travel with your dog? For dog friendly travel look no further than Milwaukee, Wisconsin! This Midwest city is bustling with great food, entertainment and, of course, beer. Milwaukee is located on the eastern coast of Wisconsin, with beautiful views of Lake Michigan stretched along the cities lakefront. I have loved […]

Travel Fosters Human Understanding

Travel Fosters Human Understanding 2

It happened again. We were traveling during a terrorist attack. Is that weird? We found ourselves wondering if we have a knack for traveling during attacks, or if they just happen so frequently that it seems they always fall on our vacations. Our return from Exuma was particularly humbling, as the crowd down there was a […]