Managing Social Media for your Small Business

Managing Instagram Learning Account Moderation and Community Engagement

I’ve been helping business owners with their social media for 8 years and even though the internet is filled with helpful tutorials and apps that make you more efficient, the top complaint I hear from business owners is how overwhelmed they feel by the amount of time required to manage their social media.

Some businesses can’t avoid having social media be a full time job (or a job big enough for an entire team of people), but generally a small business owner or entrepreneur should be able to not only manage their social media effectively on their own—-but be able to manage a successful account that is growing and bringing in business.

In order to be more efficient with the time you have to dedicate to social media, you really need to start by understanding what it means to successfully manage an account and what is required to have an account that is actually working for you. I often see businesses who are creating beautiful content and writing amazing captions, but are frustrated that all the time and money they are investing in a beautiful feed isn’t being returned in sales or clients.

On my first sit-down or call with any potential client I explain Account Moderation and Community Engagement. These are two distinctly different aspects of any social media account, and you need to be making time to do both!

Account Management: the basic maintenance involved in keeping your account active and up-to-date! Creating posts, writing captions, posting, responding to comments, answering messages in your inbox, and interacting on tagged photos of you.

Community Engagement: the part that makes these platforms “social” media! You need to not only share content and information as a creator, but you need to get out there and be active as a consumer, too. Community Engagement requires you to set aside time to log in and interact in various ways within different areas: with the people you are following, on posts within industry hashtags that you are using, on posts within industry hashtags that your customers are using, watching and responding to stories and perhaps interacting on posts within your geographic area or with specific location tags that pertain to your business.

To help you further grasp this concept here is an example:

I recently did a short-term project with a baby brand who was focusing their marketing efforts on new mothers and pregnant women. It was important that their account was posting 1-2 times per day, that the images were beautiful, the information was valuable, and that overall their account lined up with the marketing plan in place to sell their product (that is all Account Management). However, it was also important they they set aside time each week to go into their community and interact with new moms, pregnant women, and other accounts that are popular within their community. As an account manager it was my job to set aside time each week to look for new posts under hashtags that their ideal customers were likely using. Examples would be hashtags such as #BabyBump #20weeks #MomswithCameras #MomtoBe and #Nesting. We’d give the images a quick like and leave an uplifting comment about motherhood and parenting (that is an example of the Community Engagement aspect). Additional examples would be following new accounts (while also giving them quick likes/comments), and interacting on posts from popular parenting/motherhood instagram accounts, magazines or blogs (likes, comments, liking comments).

Managing your account with beautiful images, witty captions and well-researched hashtags will do a lot to get your information in front of people and increase interaction on your individual posts, but Community Engagement is what adds authenticity to your account and helps create a relationship between you and your audience. If you can find a balance with both aspects, you’ll start to feel like the time you are spending on one is paying off in the other, and soon you’ll start to feel more positively about the time and money you are investing in social media for your business.

Next week I’ll share a tip and free printable for planning ahead and scheduling time for both of these. Please follow The Mint Academy to stay in the loop about my online class, launching soon!

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January 2017 Wallpapers + Calendar Download

Free January 2017 Wallapapers and Calendar Download | Thyme is Honey

If you think that putting up a January Wallpaper download is the only thing I’m procrastinating on, you’d be wrong! The past week has been a hectic one between wrapping up end-of-year client projects, launching this year’s #21PageChallenge (you can still join, here), and having guests in town to celebrate the new year. But, January 2nd isn’t that late, right?





Above you’ll find download links to grab a new wallpaper for your phone, tablet or desktop computer. I’ve also included a link to download a free January 2017 printable calendar (if you’d like the entire year, you can purchase it in my Etsy Shop).

JANUARY 2017 Printable Calendar by Thyme is Honey


iPhone Photography eBook

Learning to Master iPhone Photography - learn how to take better photos for your blog, business or personal life with this iPhone Photography eBook | Thyme is Honey

I’m thrilled to offer literally everything I know about iPhone Photography in an easy-to-read eBook! Now that I’ve been teaching this material as a class for the past 6 months, I finally managed to expand my course hand-out into an eBook, “Learning to Master iPhone Photography“, and am thrilled that those of you who haven’t been able to attend a class can now learn this material in the comfort of your own home (sweatpants and coffee encouraged)!

The cost of the eBook is $15 for a 20-page PDF file that you can print at home, or read on your tablet or phone. Purchasing the eBook also gives you access to my Student Portal, where you’ll find a complete list of all the equipment and products I use (props, tripods, lenses), helpful tutorials, and free access to updated versions of the eBook as soon as iOS updates are released.

Learning to Master iPhone Photography - learn how to take better photos for your blog, business or personal life with this iPhone Photography eBook | Thyme is Honey

So, what topics does the eBook cover? Well, basically everything I’ve learned about iPhone photography the past 7 years condensed into a simple guide that will walk you through basic skills as well as advanced techniques that you can use to promote your business or hobbies. Here’s the table of contents, to give you an overview of what is covered:

ONE Knowing Your iPhone
TWO Camera Modes
THREE Camera Settings
FOUR On-screen + Additional Features
FIVE 8 Tips for Better iPhone Photos
SIX Photo Composition
SEVEN 12 Tips for Improving Your Composition
EIGHT Photo Editing + Apps
NINE A Simple Home Studio
TEN Upgrading Your Studio
ELEVEN Basics of Photostyling
TWELVE Quick Guide: Tips for different Photography Styles
THIRTEEN Backing Up Your Photos
FOURTEEN Printing + Sharing Your Photos

Maybe you’re new around here and you’re thinking, “I can totally hold up a phone and press a button. Why would I need an eBook and who is this chick anyways? Well, allow me to introduce myself.

I’M DANI!  I recently celebrated my 5-year anniversary of being self-employed full-time as a social media strategist, but I’ve been blogging and working in social media for the past 7 years, entering the scene when Facebook for business was just starting, when Twitter wasn’t widely used, and before Pinterest or Instagram even existed.

Over the past 7 years I’ve watched as the landscape of social media has changed in amazing and exciting ways! My job used to revolve mostly around writing witty Tweets and captivating Facebook posts, but slowly evolved into work that was much more visual.

My passion for social media and ability to create captivating images landed me contracts to work with some really exciting brands! I’m now creating content and managing accounts that vary in size from 3,000, to 50,000 to over 5 million. Learning photography is one of the skills that has not only helped advance my career, but has also enriched my life by helping me capture, share and preserve the beautiful things around me.

Over the years I’ve become skilled in graphic design, photography, online marketing, content management and various other skills that I needed not only for my own website + Etsy Shop, but also to keep my client’s accounts relevant and growing. As my knowledge on the topics has grown I’ve started speaking on social media topics and for the past 6 months have taught an iPhone Photography class.

I have these skills and I want to share them with you. Anyone can hold up their phone and capture a photo, but I believe that there is a method behind a great photo that can be taught, and that by practicing those skills a beautiful art form can emerge. Whether you take that art form and use it to capture your personal life, or you use it to launch a business of your own is entirely up to you. The goal of “Learning to Master iPhone Photography” is to organize everything I’ve learned in one pretty package that provides you with all of the information and tools you need to unlock that creativity.

Getting here required a lot of work, encouragement from those around me, and experts in various fields that were willing to mentor me. I want to be your resource in the iPhone Photography + Social Media world, and this eBook is our first coffee date.

Grab your copy, find a comfy spot, and fly through the 20 pages. I recommend having your phone handy so that you can walk through some of the steps as you read them. Purchasing the eBook also gives you life-long access to my Student Portal, where you’ll have access to a complete list of all the products I use, helpful tutorials, as well as access to any updated versions of the eBook.

I’m excited to see how my eBook helps you improve your iPhone photography to capture the world around you!


Upload HD Photos to Facebook

Are the photos you upload to Facebook uploading in High Resolution? Here's how to check! | Thyme is Honey

Through the iPhone Photography classes I teach at Revel (next one is November 30th), I’ve discovered that a lot of people assume that Facebook is a safe place to store their photos.

In theory, yes, Facebook stores your photos and it’s not likely they’ll ever lose them. But, when you take a cute photo of your baby and upload it to Facebook, that file is resized, reducing the resolution and therefore creating a smaller file. The problem with this, is that if you then delete the original file off your phone, the only copy you have left is a low-resolution file on Facebook. Sure, it’s there for you to view whenever you want, you can tag people, comment on it, and email a link to your mother-in-law.

But, if you ever want to print that photo, add it to your Christmas card, submit it for a photography contest or just use it to embarrass your daughter/son when they turn 18, you might be disappointed with the resolution. A photo downloaded from Facebook is usually smaller between 700 and 900 pixels wide, meaning that once printed, it would only be an inch or two wide (at most, 3), and resizing it will result in a blurry, pixelated photo.

But don’t fear, you can fix this, and it’s easy. It is possible to Upload HD Photos to Facebook, it’s just not a default setting. All you have to do is adjust this setting and all of your Facebook uploads will then be hi resolution, print quality photos.


  1. Open the Facebook App on your phone.
  2. Click on the menu in the lower right corner, looks like three bars stacked on top of each other.
  3. Scroll down to Settings, near the bottom.
  4. Click on Account Settings.
  5. Select Videos and Photos.
  6. There should be a section for Video Settings and Photo Settings, scroll down to Photo Settings and toggle the Upload HD option so that it turns green. (you might want to turn Upload HD on for video, too, if you feel like the videos you share are something you might want in the future).


  1. From your News Feed, tap on the menu, looks like  three bars stacked on top of each other.
  2. Scroll down and tap App Settings, then select Account Settings
  3. Below Photos, tap the toggle next to Upload HD

Almost all of the photos I upload come from my phone, but if you upload photos from a memory card or camera, you’ll need to make sure the album that you add them to is set to HD in order to ensure those uploads display at the highest resolution. When you create a new album it will look like this, and you’ll need to make sure the High Quality option is checked:

uploading hd to facebook

Note that Facebook is still not the safest place to store your images. It is definitely an easy way to create a digital archive, but I would still suggest backing up your photos automatically with a service like DropBox, or taking the photos off your phone once per month and saving them to a hard drive (that’s what I do).  

October 2016 Wallpaper Downloads

Free October 2016 Wallpapers with Calendar | Thyme is Honey

I think September may have given me whiplash. I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt like this month went by in a flash. Since I know that October will be no different for most of us, I thought I’d get ahead of the game and get an October Wallpaper Download with October 2016 Calendar into your hands (and onto your computers + devices) so that we can all look forward to the shiny new month ahead. Click below to download the files. Oh, and HAPPY FALL!


Get the matching phone case in my Society6 Shop!

Thyme is Honey Society 6 Phone Case