Managing Social Media for your Small Business

Managing Instagram Learning Account Moderation and Community Engagement

I’ve been helping business owners with their social media for 8 years and even though the internet is filled with helpful tutorials and apps that make you more efficient, the top complaint I hear from business owners is how overwhelmed they feel by the amount of time required to manage their social media. Some businesses can’t […]

Best Photography Backdrops + Tips

Photography Backrops

Photography is an incredible skill for small business owners, especially in a market that has become highly visual! You can save yourself an incredible amount of money if you are able to produce high-quality images for use on your website, social media, and promotional materials. Thankfully you can hire someone to handle this for you if […]

How to use Instagram Stories for Business

How to use Instagram Story for Business

There’s something new lurking at the top of your Instagram feed! Yesterday Instagram launched Stories, and although they admit that it is totally a replica of Snapchat (kudos to them for just admitting it) the experience is  a bit different, especially for business (read their post and get a quick intro here). As someone who […]

Changes to Instagram and What They Mean

The Recent Changes to Instagram

I know this might not be a popular opinion, but I totally love the new Instagram logo and app design. As was their intent, the update’s clean aesthetic puts the focus on the images, and I love it. But while most of the community was busy debating the new logo, Instagram also changed the way images […]

Instagram Updates are a Good Thing


Nothing says “weekend” like a good meme-induced panic attack across the internet! Changes are scary, especially for business owners, but changes also keep you on your toes and make you better at what you do! Last week Instagram announced that they would be making changes to the feed in the next few months (note: nothing has […]