Farewell Madison

"Your idea of a perfect life might change. And that's okay." | Thyme is Honey

Is it possible to love a city and still want to leave? Is it possible that if you find a city that might be a perfect fit forever that maybe, just maybe…it makes sense to go try something new?

That’s kind of the conundrum we found ourselves in recently. We’ve lived in Madison, Wisconsin, for the past 5.5 years, and we’ve absolutely loved it. We’ve loved the city, the house we lived it, the people. My husband loved the company he was working for, I loved the supportive freelance community I had discovered. So why in the world would we choose to leave? Well, the decision wasn’t easy, but I hope that if you’re curious about our upcoming move that this post helps explain a little bit about where we are coming from.

When we purchased our home a little over 4 years ago, it was the house that we saw ourselves growing into, eventually filling the extra bedrooms with a kid or two. After our trips to Japan, Thailand, Germany and Austria last fall  and winter we started rethinking our plans for a family. We realized that our 5 year plan might be more of a 10 year plan, and that we weren’t really ready for all that parenthood entailed (read more about that in this post). So we returned home and started thinking about putting our house on the market. We knew if we were 2 or 5 or 7 years away from wanting a family, that we’d enjoy moving into a home that was smaller and better suited to us and our lifestyle. Something with less responsibility so that we wouldn’t feel bad about being gone every weekend or not investing time in home or yard projects (over the past 4 years we’ve realized that this is totally not our scene).


The Best Wedding Gift: A Wedding Time Capsule

The Best Wedding Gift: A Time Capsule that you can purchase or get the printable files and create it yourself! The couple answers 40 questions each and seals it for their 5 year anniversary. Such a cute and thoughtful wedding gift!

Wedding season has arrived and it reminded me that I had this special project I wanted to share with you guys! In my opinion, this is one of the best wedding gifts you can give to someone, but it was not a gift we received. Rather, this Wedding Time Capsule was a little project we did ourselves.

5 years ago we started planning our month-long trip to Thailand, and as soon as we knew we’d be taking it, I decided to make a time capsule that we’d seal for 5 years and then open on our trip. We took 100 notecards, wrote down 50 questions each, and then spent a few nights sipping cocktails and answering all the questions.

When we were done, we sealed the box up tightly with washi tape and stored the Wedding Time Capsule for 5 years. It came with us to Thailand and we had so much fun reading the cards throughout our trip! Rather than rushing through them at once, we’d just grab a few each night. It led to great conversation, lots of memories, and a good deal of laughter. When we finally got to the end of the trip we decided we needed to take the time to put together an “anniversary set” so we’d have another time capsule to open on our 10 year anniversary.

This simple wedding time capsule project brought us so much joy, and yet wasn’t expensive and wasn’t difficult to do. I realized that it’s a gift that every married couple should have, and so I set out to put it into a printable form that you could make yourself. It doesn’t have to be a gift, you could make it for yourself, and it doesn’t have to be for your 5 and 10 year anniversary. Adjust it to your timeline or whatever works for where you are at in your marriage or relationship right now. The files are not gender specific, because love is love and this gift is for couples of any size, shape or orientation.

Below you’ll find a link to a ready-made set that you can purchase in my Etsy Shop for $35 and get shipped direct to you…or directions and all the files you’ll need to Do It Yourself are below! I hope this brings you as much joy and happiness as it brought us!


There are two options below, the first is a pre-made version that you can purchase in my Etsy Shop. It comes with:

  • a customized box
  • a set of 80 cards for their 5 year capsule
  • a set of 80 cards to fill out in 5 years to open as a 10 year capsule
  • Printed card with instructions + envelope
  • washi tape for them to seal the box up with after they finish
    * luggage tags from photo above are note included. You can purchase a set of the luggage tags through Leather Made Nice on Etsy to include with the Time Capsule.

The Best Wedding Gift: A Time Capsule that you can purchase or get the printable files and create it yourself! The couple answers 40 questions each and seals it for their 5 year anniversary. Such a cute and thoughtful wedding gift!


My Skincare Routine

My New and Improved Skincare Routine by Thyme is Honey

Something I got a few times on my reader survey (take it here, it’s anonymous) were requests to share my skincare routine. I currently have a lineup of products that I really love and I’m excited to share!

When we were on our trip to Thailand I read The Green Beauty Rules by Paige Padgett and absolutely loved it (it’s an ebook, so start reading)! My favorite thing about the book is that she makes it super easy to learn how to read ingredient labels and identify harmful ingredients on your own—making it way easier to be aware of what you are putting on your skin (also check out The Green Beauty Academy from my friend Laura, another great resource if you’re trying to clean up your products).

The other thing I love about Paige’s approach to green beauty is that she isn’t a “purist” and doesn’t promote that mentality (which can be overwhelming to anyone who is trying to switch to safer products). Instead, Paige has an “80% approach”. She says you should try to have 80% of your products be clean, safe and nontoxic, and if you just can’t toss that MAC lipstick or NARS Blush, don’t beat yourself up about it! Sometimes we fall in love with products for a reason. This approach has made my transition to clean skincare and makeup a lot easier, since I know I can keep some of my favorite things!

Shortly after we got back from our trip I discovered Flora Botanical Skincare at a holiday market and fell in love. The first product I purchased was their Waterless Body Balm and I was totally hooked on it! I have since ordered TWO more jars of it and have dove face-first into their skincare products. I love their Coconut Cream Cleanser, which has a coconut oil base infused with essential oils, and then has baking soda mixed in to provide a gritty texture perfect for exfoliating away dead skin. The combination is amazing and I love that it washes away my eye makeup with little effort and leaves my skin feeling so hydrated that I almost don’t need a moisturizer.

But don’t worry, I don’t skip the moisturizer because their Vitamin E Repair Serum is too good to miss. I’ve long been a fan of face oils and serums and this has to be the best one I’ve found. While I think a lot of oils/serums are beautiful, smell good, and hydrate your skin, I really love that this oil has a great body to it, and that the oil really “sticks” to your skin, absorbing slowly throughout the night. It has a combination of rosehip, vitamin e oil, raspberry seed oil, carrot oil, meadowfoam seed oil, Bulgarian rose oil, and sandalwood essential oil. The combination must be magical because this leaves my skin glowing and smooth.

Visualize an Incredible Day

Take Time to Visualize an Incredible Day | free printable file from Thyme is Honey

Lately I’ve been starting my mornings with the HEALERS podcast from Beauty Bets. She has one of the best “podcast voices” I’ve heard (I could probably listen to her discuss socks) but I also love her podcast because she dives into topics you probably aren’t thinking or talking about. Last week I listed to one about colonics. I’ve listened to one about her favorite psychic medium. There’s a great one about astrology. Definitely not my usual scene.

But spending an hour each day listening to these woo-woo topics on life and love has opened me up a bit to the potential benefits of living a life that is more intentional and more focused on the type of energy you are putting out into the universe. Does the energy we put out come back to us? Does it influence our lives? The book, The Secret (which I just started this weekend), would argue that indeed, what we are putting out there matters.

And so with that I say: take a moment this morning to visualize an incredible day. Take a moment to think about what you want to materialize over the next 24 hours. Think happy thoughts, my friends, and if you need a constant reminder for this practice you can get this print to hang in your home or office. Get instant access to the printable file in either an 8.5 x 11 or 12 x 16 layout when you enter your email, below:


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When Should You Have a Baby

"The best time to have a baby is whenever you are ready." | Thyme is Honey

Life is full of lessons and adventures and there are so many things that we have to learn along the way.

When we first got married our plan was to wait at least a year before having kids. 3 months after our wedding my husband started a new job and we relocated. His company has an amazing sabbatical program, sending you anywhere in the world for a month after your 5 year anniversary. It wasn’t hard for us to decide that a family would wait until after that milestone. I think we were both relieved to have such a convenient excuse when people asked when we were having kids. “We’re going on a sabbatical in 2016 and then we’ll think about it!” was our go-to line for 5 years.

I’m a planner by nature so it won’t come as a surprise that having this planned out so strategically and so far in advance appealed to me. When we were a year out from the trip I read “What to Expect Before You’re Expecting” and Josh read “Dude, You’re going To Be A Dad!” I had a prenatal appointment and started taking prenatal vitamins. Those were the things that were supposed to happen a year before conception and I was checking things off the list.

Last summer, as we entered the final countdown to our sabbatical in Japan and Thailand we finally looked at each other one night and realized that this wasn’t what we wanted. We’d been going through the motions and preparing for a baby that we weren’t ready for. When we stepped back we realized that we were doing it because it was the plan we had put in place 5 years ago, hadn’t really reassessed it at any point along the way and because society had made us feel like this was what we were supposed to do next.