The Weekly Planner

The Weekly Planner by Thyme is Honey

My work was recently featured over at Beauty Bets! I’ve been a contributing writer over there for the past 6 years, reviewing the latest and greatest beauty products, but it was fun to pop by and talk about my design work and love of organization + wellness. If you didn’t read the feature you can […]

Free 2017 Full View Printable Calendar

Free Printable 2017 Calendar by Thyme is Honey

I’m sure it depends on what kind of work you do, but I absolutely cannot go without a full view calendar on  the wall in my office. It feels like I reference is 50 times a day and I love having a simple layout that allows me to easily see the date! It’s not a […]

Join the 21-Page Challenge


The left photo below is one of our engagement photos, taken in the fall of 2010, the photo on the right is from this past summer. Two totally different women in so many ways. Three months after our engagement photos were taken I finally realized that something needed to change. My clothes were tight, my energy was […]

Free Printable Calendars!

Blank Printable Calendar by Thyme is Honey

My annual tradition of hooking you up with a free printable calendar has returned, and this year’s is better than ever with not one, not two, but THREE options so that you can customize your organization the way you want! I started creating these several years ago, when I struggled to frind simple, free, printable […]

The Best Pens for your Planner

The Best Pens for your Planner Journal or Calendar

My somewhat severe pen obsession is no surprise to those of you following me on Instagram. Or anyone who has ever had to share a locker, dorm room or work space with me. I LOVE PENS. This love led me to create this little bag for my Etsy Shop ($15), and I was a little surprised when I […]