My 6 Favorite Healthy Snacks

My 6 Favorite Healthy Snacks

Snacking between meals can be where most of us fail in the quest to healthier eating. I think it usually has to do with time: we grab things on the way out the door, or we feel too rushed with work or life to take time to really make something amazing. Any why would we? It’s a snack and efficiency is the point. Below are the foods I keep on hand to curb cravings and mid-day hunger.

  1. A Banana with Toppings: Bananas are one of my favorite foods. If I’m in a hurry I simply slice the banana and pair it with a tablespoon of Yum Butter or All Natural Peanut Butter. If I have more time, I like to heat 1 tbsp honey in the microwave (less than 10 sec) then stir in one tbsp all natural peanut butter. I drizzle this combination over an entire banana and then top with things like chia seeds, oats, or dried cranberries.
  2. Cashews or Walnuts: Both of these can be a very satiating snack that a lot of us forget to keep on hand. Because I work at 5AM, I tend to eat dinner at 4PM which means when I wake up in the morning I’ve gone at least 12 hours without a meal and I’m usually pretty hungry. When I wake up I usually go straight to the kitchen for a few nuts. I also love them as a late night snack or something to munch on during a movie.
  3. Turkey Wraps: I keep a pack of Applegate Farms turkey breast slices in the fridge at all times and I use them like little tortillas. I like to fill them with hummus, carrots, spinach, cucumber, , cilantro peppers or any vegetables or greens we have around. Then you just roll them up and enjoy! The turkey is low-carb and delivers a dose of vegetables directly to your mouth. Pro tip: buy the pre-chopped package of broccoli slaw to use as filler to save yourself a lot of time!
  4. Cottage Cheese: Top it with a bit of sea salt and cracked black pepper and this is one of the fastest snacks you can grab. However, my favorite combination is sliced tomatoes and sweet peas. Also great with peaches or pineapple for something sweeter.
  5. Dark Chocolate: Craving something sweet is definitely my weakness. While I absolutely love chocolate covered peanuts and treat myself to them occasionally, I also try to keep dark chocolate (at least 80% cacao) on hand. Dark chocolate is not that sweet, but even a small piece seems to trip those triggers in my brain and kill the craving without really doing much damage to my eating plan or goals.
  6. Protein Bites: You can find my recipe for Vanilla Power Bites here (which can be made with any vanilla protein powder, or even made without it), or you can find various recipes online. I like to make a double batch and store them in the freezer to grab before or after workouts.

My Favorite Healthy Dinners

Start eating healthier with 6 o my Favorite Healthy Dinner Recipes for Busy Nights!   | Thyme is Honey

My #21PageChallenge starts tomorrow. If you don’t know what it is, here’s a super quick summary: it’s a challenge group that focuses on filling out one of my organizational pages each day January 1 through 21 to help develop new or healthier habits for the new year. It’s free, and we use a Facebook Group for accountability and motivation. It’s fun and I’d love to have you join me! Get started by joining The Facebook Group

Meal planning can be such a drag, but part of what makes the challenge so great is sharing recipes with each other! Below are 6 of my current favorite (I switch things up a lot!) healthy meals to make for dinners throughout the week:

  1. Pesto Zuccini Noodles with Broccoli and Bacon from Perry’s Plate – We have been eating a ton of zoodles ever since we got home from Thailand, where I learned that the easiest way to make them is with a Julienne Peeler. It’s so fast and easy! I honestly have two zoodle machines/contraptions in my kitchen and this kicks both their asses. I’ve switched up this recipe by adding spinach instead of broccoli, chicken instead of bacon, sometimes salmon or tilapia etc. I also love zoodles with feta cheese (amazing). There are endless combinations and they are SO good.
  2.  Mediterranean Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Martha Stewart – These are delicious and we like to make them as lettuce wraps or as a big salad.
  3. Quinoa Fiesta Enchilada Bake from Skinny Taste -Some friends recently cooked this when they had us over for dinner. We were huge fans! They also commented on how great it is warmed up, so I think it will likely be a dish that I make on Sunday and eat for lunches throughout the week.
  4. Cauliflower Fried Rice from Martha Stewart – Another obsession we’ve had since our trip to Thailand has been Fried Rice! We love this recipe made with cauliflower rice for making it a bit healthier (I swear you can’t really tell) and we usually add a hefty portion of pork or chicken. Meat, eggs, and veggies — it’s a great meal! The leftovers are tasty on their own or in lettuce wraps.
  5. Salmon and Avocado Caesar Salad with Fried Egg from Cafe Delites – We will pretty much put a slab of salmon and a fried egg on top of anything and call it dinner. I definitely use store-bought dressing with this recipe but it’s a great example of how to make a simple, healthy, beautiful dinner.
  6. Healthy Buffalo Chicken Bowls from Pretty Providence – I love “bowl” meals. They are so easy! We’ve been making variations of this one for the past year…we switch up the type of meat

How to Increase Your Water Intake in 4 Days

How to Increase Water Intake in 4 Days: a simple plan to gently increase your water consumption to meet your Daily Water Goal. | Thyme is Honey

A big part of my journey to healthier living has been drinking more water. Around 150 ounces per day, to be exact. I’ve been doing it for over 6 years and it’s something I don’t really have to think about anymore, but I know that getting started can be really difficult for some people.

Here’s a simple 4 day plan that helps you gently increase your water consumption to get close to the recommended 80 ounce per day minimum, however, the amount each person should consume is different for each of us. Below is a simple formula you can use to calculate what your Daily Water Goal should be, you can also find this on my 21 Page Challenge Prep Sheet.

Need ideas for how to get more water into your day? See my post on How to Drink More Water.

21 Page Challenge Prep Sheet 2


Join the 21-Page Challenge

Join the 21-Page Challenge! A simple challenge to develop healthy habits and get 2017 off to a good start.

The left photo below is one of our engagement photos, taken in the fall of 2010, the photo on the right is from this past summer. Two totally different women in so many ways. Three months after our engagement photos were taken I finally realized that something needed to change. My clothes were tight, my energy was low and I knew my health wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to. I don’t look at that girl on the left and see an overweight person, but I do see a person who wasn’t happy with how she felt and was aware of the fact that she could be doing better when it came to taking care of herself.


My Favorite Tea for Detox

Tiesta Fruity Pebbles Slenderizer Tea: I drink it on Sunday to lose weekend water weight overnight. | Thyme is Honey

Like coffee, tea is something I “got into” later in life. I was 25 when I enjoyed my first cup of coffee and although I enjoy weak iced coffee now and again I’m pretty caffeine sensitive and wouldn’t call myself an avid coffee drinker. Tea and I have become friends slowly over the past couple of years. It wasn’t really until I met Tiesta Tea that I realized the magic of tea and I gotta say that I definitely prefer loose-leaf tea over tea bags.

Tiesta Tea 2

Did I mention that this post isn’t sponsored? No? Okay, well this post isn’t sponsored (but yo, hit me up Tiesta Tea!). Tiesta Tea is one of those things that I literally just love and consume every day. It’s made in Chicago and you can find it at a lot of retailers (I buy mine locally at Hyvee) and also online through Amazon. Their Blueberry Wild Child is one of my favorite things. I love to brew it in my portable Pekoe Glass Tea Tumbler ($23.76) and put it in the fridge to chill before long drives or as my afternoon treat while working. However, the tea I’m going to introduce you to today is called Fruity Pebbles, it’s one of their “slenderizer”  teas and this is why I love it:

You know when you have a weekend where you relax on your “clean eating” and you have a few too many beers on Saturday and on Sunday you totally cave and let your husband order pizza for dinner and you *know* that on Monday morning the scale will be at least 3-4 pounds higher than it was on Friday? Those weekends happen to me like…every weekend and a nutritionist friend recently explained it to me: for each gram of carbohydrates you consume, your body holds on to 3 grams of water. Whoa! Totally explains where those weekend pounds can come from and explains why this might totally catch you off-guard if you’re a person who usually does’t consume a lot of carbs. I’m totally okay with the weekend gain—it’s not actual fat, just water weight, and it comes off with a couple days of clean eating and hydrating. However, I’d love for it to come off faster, and I’ve found that drinking a big glass of Tiesta Tea’s Fruity Pebbles Tea really helps cut this water weight and bloat almost overnight (really)!

I try to drink a mug of Fruity Pebbles Tea on Sunday night, and instead of seeing that 3 pound difference on the scale on Monday, it’s much more likely to be 1 pound or less, and continuing to drink another cup of the tea on Monday usually gets rid of that water weight by Tuesday. It’s a green tea, and it has kind of a bitter flavor. I’m convinced I can feel it cleansing the carbs and sugar out of my body the second I start drinking it.

Favorite Tea Accessories

Anyways, here are some of my favorite teas and accessories that I’ve grown to love over the years, all available for purchase through Amazon. 1. Tiesta Tea Fruity Pebbles Slenderizer Tea ($11.38) 2. Pekoe Glass Tea Tumbler with Neoprene Sleeve ($23.76) 3. Cuisinart Teakettle ($29.95) 4. Preprworks Mesh Tea Ball ($4.67). 5. Tiesta Tea Blueberry Wild Child ($10.99).