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A Birthday Giveaway with Robyn Rhodes

Today is my 32nd birthday! The past year has been amazing, it has brought on a lot of change and also a lot of learning and has had a few surprising moments as well. The past year has taught me to be flexible and go with the flow. It has taught me to think long […]

Shopping Guide: Volume Two

Shopping Guide Volume Two Thyme is Honey

I’ve loved having a smaller, more curated closet since we downsized and moved. A few weeks ago I participated in The Collective Market Minneapolis (there’ll be another one in the spring), and took an additional 60 items out of my closet and sold them at the sale. That moved out a lot of older fall/winter pieces that […]

Perfect Fall Cardigan


Occasionally I come across a piece of clothing that is just too good not to share with you. After seeing a post from a friend of a cute kimono from LOFT I ended up on their site. Unfortunately the one she had shared was sold out, but I stumbled across this cardigan and decided to give […]

Shopping Guide: Volume One

Shopping Guide Volume One

I’ve gotten several requests to start sharing more outfit inspiration and shopping guides again. I’ve always loved putting together outfit boards but they can be a bit time consuming and so the feature has fallen off over the years. I thought a good way to get back into the habit would be to share items […]

Comfortable Shoes for City Life


It didn’t take long after our relocation to Minneapolis for me to realize that I owned all the wrong shoes. Sure, I owned plenty of comfortable shoes…ones I could walk miles in or ride a bike in….but my shoe wardrobe severely lacked comfortable shoes that suited my new city life. You know, shoes that you […]