Hydrating Beauty Water

Hyrating Beauty Water

Did you know that up to 75% of the American population walks around every day dehydrated? No wonder we all feel sluggish and dependent on Starbucks. Not only is dehydration hard on your skin but has a negative impact on nearly every bodily process, including brain function, metabolism, immunity . . . the list goes on and […]

Bees Knees Cocktail Recipe

Bees Knees Cocktail

A few weeks back we spent our Saturday at Wollersheim Winery celebrating a friend’s birthday. Fun any time, but when February gifts you with a 50+ degree day it makes an afternoon at a winery all that more enjoyable. I mean, we got to eat our cake on a patio (with a bottle of rose)! […]

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese with Burnett Dairy


Can you tell I live in Wisconsin yet? If not, this post should make it obvious. This weekend I made the greatest grilled cheese in history. There’s some tough competition, but I feel confident that this Bacon + Spinach Grilled Cheese with a Honey Sriracha Drizzle will blow your tastebuds. The secret is mostly in […]

Good Jams No. 10

GoodJams no 10

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years have historically been my busiest time of year. Not only do sales in my Etsy Shop ramp up going into NYE, but all of my clients are busy with holiday promotions, sales and events which puts my brain in a hundred directions throughout the day. It gets nuts […]

Diablo Honey

Diablo Honey 2

In case you haven’t heard me freak out about it already, my Etsy Shop was recently featured in Midwest Living. It was incredibly exciting, but another amazing thing that came out of it was being introduced to other makers + doers in the Midwest, including Scoville Unlimited out of Viroqua Wisconsin. They were kind enough […]