Kusmi Iced Tea

Kusmi Iced Tea

Over the past year I’ve become much more of a tea drinker than I was previously. As with coffee, I prefer it iced and with as straw (its better for your teeth!) and I’ve learned that perfecting the art of the iced tea takes a bit of practice. It was a real treat when Kusmi […]

Cherry French 75 Recipe


Whenever my mom comes to visit it seems like I end up with a partial bottle of moscoto in the fridge. Don’t worry, we aren’t that weak. It’s usually one of those gigantic bottles of moscato. I was looking for a way to use it before it went flat and decided on whipping up an […]

Cranberry + Orange Whiskey Sour

Cranberry and Orange Whiskey Sour Recipe 2

Something tells me that this year your Thanksgiving gathering may need a bit more booze than years past. That’s why I’m here with this sure-to-please recipe that will dull the senses and help you enjoy your holiday. This drink isn’t low-maintenance, but I promise that it is worth all of the time + attention that goes into it. […]

Cocktail Recipe with Glenna Farms: Pancake Breakfast

Best Brunch Cocktails The Pancake Breakfast

Alongside the beloved screwdriver, mimosa and bloody Mary I would like to introduce a new brunch cocktail: The Pancake Breakfast. Made with 100% pure local Maple Syrup from Glenna Farms, and topped with a delicious stack of pancakes made with their All Natural Pancake Mix, this libation is sure to satisfy everyone at your next […]

Spicy Maple Baked Cashews with Chia Seeds

FullSizeRender (31)

I”m going to be honest: I’m hopelessly addicted to Archer Farm’s Caramel Cashew Trail Mix. It is by no means a healthy snack (or by any means the worst one), and its definitely my “guilty pleasure”. I just can say no to scooping some up during a Sunday night movie session or when the afternoon […]