Gift Ideas for Female Business Owners

Gift Ideas for Female Business Owners by Thyme is Honey

So the holidays are coming up and maybe you’re wondering what sort of gift to buy for your hardworking, entrepreneurial boss of a wife, mother, sister, daughter, or best friend. You know what they like and have no doubt you could buy them a gift they’d love, but this year you’d really like to get […]

Create a Customized Signature in Gmail

How to Create a Cutomized Signature in Gmail for Free

About a year ago I used Google Docs to create a custom signature for my emails. I had become frustrated with the lack of options provided natively through gmail, and didn’t want to pay for one of the many services that allowed you to customize your signature information. This method allowed me to insert an image, and […]

Free iPhone Photography eBook

iPhone Photography eBook by Dani Bruflodt

I’m thrilled to offer literally everything I know about iPhone Photography in an easy-to-read eBook, now available for free download! I’ve been teaching this topic for nearly a year and I love helping people improve their photography. “Learning to Master iPhone Photography” will help you understand the basic function of your iPhone camera, and how to […]

How to use Instagram Stories for Business

How to use Instagram Story for Business

There’s something new lurking at the top of your Instagram feed! Yesterday Instagram launched Stories, and although they admit that it is totally a replica of Snapchat (kudos to them for just admitting it) the experience is  a bit different, especially for business (read their post and get a quick intro here). As someone who […]