Not Everyone is Living

"Everyone is dying, but not Everyone is Living." - Free Printable Download Design by Thyme is Honey

Last week I gave my office a little facelift. Wasn’t any major overhaul, I was just feeling like I needed some fresh elements to keep me inspired. I had recently purchased a cool green vintage chair that I wanted to add to my office, so I bought this cute accent table from Target to go with it, then replaced the prints in all the frames in my office as well as hung up my 2017 Printable Calendar (get yours right here). I had been writing down quotes that I wanted framed in my office to help inspire me every day, so I finally made time to design prints for each one and I’ll be sharing them here in the coming weeks.

Everyone is dying, but not everyone is living is something I try to keep in mind each day. What are the things that truly make you feel alive and make you grateful for your time here on planet earth? I try to keep those things in mind throughout my day as a reminder of why I do what I do.

Download the free 8.5″ x 11″ Printable File

Travel the World

Travel the World Print by Thyme is Honey available for purchase on Etsy $4.

I recently got a sweet email from a reader about this old post I did in 2014 featuring the quote above, asking if it was possible to purchase it as a print so she could hang it in her livingroom. I glanced over my shoulder, at my framed print of it hanging on the wall of my office, and realized that it was kind of funny that one of my favorite prints (something I look at and read every day!) wasn’t in my shop.

Fast forward an hour or two and I had reworked the design (I had no idea where the original file was) and added it to my Etsy Shop as a digital download. The $5 purchase will give you 4 pdf files, either 8.5 x 11 or 24 x 36 sizes, either with black or white backgrounds, so you can choose what fits best with your space! The larger version can be scaled down to fit smaller frames.

You can purchase the print here, then print at home or simply take the pdf file into you local office store to have it printed. I usually ask them to print it on plotter paper, and you can have a large one done for less than $5. If you make the enlarged print you can frame it in this 36″ x 24″ frame from Target ($9.99) and voila! $15 piece of art for your abode.

2017 Calendar Double Page Spread

2017 Double Page Spread Calendar Printable | by Thyme is Honey

Each year I have meticulously kept a planner. I have a good chunk of shelf space taking up planners from years past. But the last couple years I’ve purchased planners and then totally failed to fill them out because The Daily Page has been my go-to method for organizing and making the most of my days. Keeping everything on the pages is the best system for me (they allow me to track to-dos, fitness, water consumption, appointments, meal planning and more all in one place), and are not something I’ll be going away from, but I’ve found myself really missing the ability to have a calendar integrated into my system.

Since I recently designed and launched The Weekly Planner, I decided that a great companion to it would be a full 2017 Printable Calendar in a double-page spread design so that you can print the page, add a 3-hole punch, and easily store them in a binder along with your favorite organizational pages. This basically led me to creating the perfect planner for me, and I hope it might be something you could do for yourself, too. I think if you’re someone who benefits from being able to keep everything in one place, this system could be a perfect fit.

To get started I purchased a binder. Okay, I actually purchased 3 until I found one that was perfect. I went with the 1.5″ Avery Flip Back 360, ($10.60 on Amazon) because I wanted something that could lay totally flat without bending the pages. Then, I picked out monthly divider tabs. There are so many options and some of them are really pretty, but I decided to go with these Avery ones that are black leather with the months stamped in gold ($5.99 on Amzaon). Simple and perfect.

2017 Double Page Calendar Printable

Then I printed out my newly designed 2017 Calendar Double Page Layout Printable and organized them with each month. At the beginning of each month I print out 4 weeks worth of The Weekly Planner and insert them into the binder to ensure that each day of the month is productive.

I’m excited to find more great ways to optimize this planner system for me, and for you. If you’ve got ideas, send them my way!

10 Books that Actually Changed my Life

The 10 Books that Actually Changed my Life | Thyme is Honey

I’m a book nerd. Our house is full of books. I love sharing my book lists here on my blog. I love a good fiction novel but over the past 5 years I’ve noticed my preference shift toward non-fiction. This morning I was dusting off our gigantic book shelf and started wondering if I could pull out 10 books that I thought influenced me the most. It wasn’t easy, but I did it, and I thought it’d be fun to share (the photo above also includes the 2 books I am reading now). See below for a breakdown of the 10 Books that have Actually Changed my Life:


Hungry For Change by James Colquhoun, Laurentine Ten Bosch and Mark Hyman ($12.47 on Amazon ) –  If you’re struggling to make healthy habits stick, I think this book will do the trick. I read this book after losing over 25 pounds, and I feel like it’s a big reason why I have never been tempted to go back to my previous eating habits. It’s a super fast read — since at least half of it is recipes. SYNOPSIS: Hungry for Change is based on the indisputable premise that “Food Matters,” as it exposes the truth about the diet industries and the dangers of food addictions, and enables you to take charge of your health and strengthen your mind and bod (read more)…

The Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker ($10.87 on Amazon) – A couple years ago my dad and I started doing a “book club” and this was our first read. It gives you incredible insight into the history of food, artificial flavor and the effect that ALL of those things have had on our diets, health and the way we think about food. I can’t recommend this one enough. SYNOPSIS: We are in the grip of a food crisis. Obesity has become a leading cause of preventable death, after only smoking. For nearly half a century we’ve been trying to pin the blame somewhere—fat, carbs, sugar, wheat, high-fructose corn syrup. But that search has been in vain, because the food problem that’s killing us is not a nutrient problem. It’s a behavioral problem, and it’s caused by the changing flavor of the food we eat (read more).

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman ($9.59 on Amazon ) – I’m not really one for books of the “self help” type, but this one might have changed my mind. A friend of mine casually mentioned this book, and how it helped her communicate love to both her husband, and all 4 of her children. She said her husband had also just read it and that they’d be blown away by the information. How could I not read it after that? I was totally skeptical and parts of the book got a little religious for me, but I finished the book feeling totally enlightened. I think it can help you in any relationship: not just with your spouse or S.O., but anyone important in your life. SYNOPSIS: Falling in love is easy. Staying in love—that’s the challenge! How can you keep your relationship fresh and growing amid the demands, conflicts, and just plain boredom of everyday life? (read more)

Being Mortal by Atul Gawande ($16.30 on Amazon) – This is a book that can be emotionally hard to read, but it really opens your eyes to so many different topics and struggles. After I read this book I bought a copy for all of our parents, who haven’t stopped loaning it out to their friends. SYNOPSIS: Medicine has triumphed in modern times, transforming birth, injury, and infectious disease from harrowing to manageable. But in the inevitable condition of aging and death, the goals of medicine seem too frequently to run counter to the interest of the human spirit. Nursing homes, preoccupied with safety, pin patients into railed beds and wheelchairs. Hospitals isolate the dying, checking for vital signs long after the goals of cure have become moot. Doctors, committed to extending life, continue to carry out devastating procedures that in the end extend suffering (read more).


My 6 Favorite Healthy Snacks

My 6 Favorite Healthy Snacks

Snacking between meals can be where most of us fail in the quest to healthier eating. I think it usually has to do with time: we grab things on the way out the door, or we feel too rushed with work or life to take time to really make something amazing. Any why would we? It’s a snack and efficiency is the point. Below are the foods I keep on hand to curb cravings and mid-day hunger.

  1. A Banana with Toppings: Bananas are one of my favorite foods. If I’m in a hurry I simply slice the banana and pair it with a tablespoon of Yum Butter or All Natural Peanut Butter. If I have more time, I like to heat 1 tbsp honey in the microwave (less than 10 sec) then stir in one tbsp all natural peanut butter. I drizzle this combination over an entire banana and then top with things like chia seeds, oats, or dried cranberries.
  2. Cashews or Walnuts: Both of these can be a very satiating snack that a lot of us forget to keep on hand. Because I work at 5AM, I tend to eat dinner at 4PM which means when I wake up in the morning I’ve gone at least 12 hours without a meal and I’m usually pretty hungry. When I wake up I usually go straight to the kitchen for a few nuts. I also love them as a late night snack or something to munch on during a movie.
  3. Turkey Wraps: I keep a pack of Applegate Farms turkey breast slices in the fridge at all times and I use them like little tortillas. I like to fill them with hummus, carrots, spinach, cucumber, , cilantro peppers or any vegetables or greens we have around. Then you just roll them up and enjoy! The turkey is low-carb and delivers a dose of vegetables directly to your mouth. Pro tip: buy the pre-chopped package of broccoli slaw to use as filler to save yourself a lot of time!
  4. Cottage Cheese: Top it with a bit of sea salt and cracked black pepper and this is one of the fastest snacks you can grab. However, my favorite combination is sliced tomatoes and sweet peas. Also great with peaches or pineapple for something sweeter.
  5. Dark Chocolate: Craving something sweet is definitely my weakness. While I absolutely love chocolate covered peanuts and treat myself to them occasionally, I also try to keep dark chocolate (at least 80% cacao) on hand. Dark chocolate is not that sweet, but even a small piece seems to trip those triggers in my brain and kill the craving without really doing much damage to my eating plan or goals.
  6. Protein Bites: You can find my recipe for Vanilla Power Bites here (which can be made with any vanilla protein powder, or even made without it), or you can find various recipes online. I like to make a double batch and store them in the freezer to grab before or after workouts.