5 Amazing Hair Products on Amazon


I consider myself a pretty lazy person when it comes to my hair. I typically just let it air dry and don’t even put product in it….and on the rare occassion that I do actually style my hair, I still look for shortcuts, tools and products that make the process as easy and fast as possible.

I’ve tried out my fair share of hair gizmos and these are the 5 that I’ve used for years and happily recommend to anyone who asks. I have plenty of good things to say about each of them, so I made this super awkward video! Find the products listed out below:

maple holistics
Maple Holistics Winter Blend Shampoo + Conditioner ($17): I have a sensitivity to sulphates, and if you feel like your hair is unnaturally dry, your scalp is at all itchy or irritable, you might have one, too. Cutting sulphates out of my hair products helped significantly, and my favorite sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner is this Winter Blend from Maple Holistics. Its not going to win any awards in the pretty packaging department, but it’s what’s inside that counts. This shampoo has a clean and safe ingredient list, but leaves your hair feeling clean, shiny and adds volume. Plus, the peppermint helps sooth your scalp while also stimulating the scalp to help promote hair growth. 4.5/5 stars on Amazon with 1415 reviews. BUY IT HERE



conair tourmaline blow dryer
Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Blow Dryer ($23): I’ve tried really expensive blow dryers before, and although they are amazing I’ve realized that you can get the same power and speed at a much lower price point. After seeing this one on Amazon with 4 stars and over 2100 reviews I figured it was probably worth tossing the $23 its way and seeing if it performed as well as the reviews claimed it did. So far I have been very happy with this blow dryer! I think it performs just as well as high-end ones and I love the two attachments it comes with. 4/5 starts on Amazon with 2100 review. BUY IT HERE




conair infiniti
Conair Infiniti Pro Rotating Styler ($42): I had a chin-length bob 6 years ago and it was the most high-maintenance hairstyle I’ve ever had. My hair naturally flips out at the bottom so I spent a lot of time round-brushing my bob so it would flip under (#neveragain). Discovering this rotating round brush saved my arms (so tiring!) and saved me tons of time, too. My hair is long now, but I still find myself reaching for this tool a lot! I use it to get volume, flip layers in or out, or put a little flip into my bangs. 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 3300 reviews. BUY IT NOW




curl formers
Curlformers Spiral Curl Kit ($58):   Do you have hair that doesn’t seem to hold a curl? Or do you have a morning routine that doesn’t leave a lot of type for curling? Or are you just, like, super lazy (like me)? I’ve ha these things for about 8 years and I find them pretty useful. As I mention in the video, they are great for kids (because they will curl any hair and they’re comfortable to sleep in). I find Curlformers to be really easy to put in and easy to use. For me, it’s easy to get a wavy, natural looking curl and can make the style last 2 days. 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 157 reviews. BUY IT NOW



Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron ($129): This damn thing kept showing up as an ad on my Facebook newsfeed and I just kept finding myself intrigued by it. As I mentioned in the video, it’s a tool that I hang on to but don’t use all that often. It’s probably because I’m not that particular about volume (maybe I should be?), but when I do want some serious “oomph” in my hair I love just lightly using this around the back side of my head to instantly get lift. I’d compare it to teasing your hair, but in a way that is much more permanent. 4 our of 5 stars on Amazon with 389 reviews. BUY IT NOW

Got Headaches? Get this $15 Neck Massager ASAP

The Best Neck Massager: why you need this $15 neck massager from Amazon | Thyme is Honey

Got headaches? Then listen up, boo, because I’ve a couple products that you definitely need to hear more about it! Meet the Gideon Trigger Point Massager and Myofascial Recovery Block. BLESS THEM.

Headaches can often be our body’s way of telling us something is up. When I started getting headaches pretty regularly in my early 20s I realized I was living life super dehydrated, 7 years and 150 ounces of water per day later and I definitely cured one! In my late 20s, headaches started creeping into my routine again, and I realized I needed glasses (aging is rough). They disappeared again but appeared occasionally again about a year ago. After visiting with a doctor to rule out anything concerning, I realized that I just had insanely tight occipital muscles. This isn’t an uncommon problem for those of us who spend our days sitting at a desk ( I spend at least 8 but quite regularly 10-12 hours on a computer each day). Your occipital muscles are the 4 tiny muscles that are located on both sides and just under the back of your head. When I get headaches they are right at the back of my head (where my neck and skull meet).

For the past two years I’ve had a monthly massage membership. It cost over $60 per month and for the most part it was worth it. By having the therapist focus the entire 60-minutes on my occipital muscles I was usually able to loosen them up enough to curb any headaches between monthly appointments. However, after discovering these two products a couple months ago I have since  cancelled my membership and am once again living life headache free. I’m telling you, friend, if you are someone who suffers from neck pain or headaches you’ve gotta get your hand on these.

The first product is the Gideon Trigger Point Massager. It is by far the best neck massager I have ever used. The knobs are rubber and can be adjusted so that you get the exact type of contact you need (watch the video below to see how it works). Minimal effort on your part results in major work being done on those hard-to-reach muscles at the base of your skull. I honestly think this little gadget is better able to access and work my pain points than a human, and I love having control over it. It’s also great to be able to use it the second I start feeling like a headache is on it’s way, and able to curb it, rather than suffering through a headache or trying to make a massage appointment.

I’m so serious when I tell you that I love this thing. After having it a couple days I instantly ordered one and had it shipped to my mom. She couldn’t stop texting me about it. I pretty much force it into the hands of anyone who enters my house. I frequently just send the link to people who complain about a headache within earshot of me. It is the best $15 I have ever spent and I guarantee my husband 100% agrees with that (mostly because I no longer ask him to rub my neck!). Here’s a short video of me gushing about this amazing contraption with a short demo on how it works:

If you suffer from a tight neck from sitting at a desk all day, and want an easy at-home therapy you can do to help relieve the problem long-term, you should try this Myofascial Recovery Block. All it requires is that you set it on the ground and lay on it. This helps with something called “occipital release”. You can lay on it as soon as you feel a headache coming on (it claims to get rid of them in 15 minutes!) but I liked using it regularly as a type of occipital therapy. For 2 weeks I would do 10 minute sessions laying on the block and I tried to do it every other day. At the end of two weeks my occiptals had loosened up tremendously and I was amazed.

The combination of the occipital release sessions with the Myofascial Recovery Block and the ability to work my tight neck muscles using the Gideon Trigger Point Massager have been a full-treatment for me. I rarely suffer from headaches anymore if I can keep up with these two simple at-home therapies. And you know what? At less than $60 for both products, it definitely beats paying for a monthly massage membership.


Gideon Trigger Point Massager ($15)
Myofascial Recovery Block  ($44)

Travel: Green Gate Guest Houses

Travel Guide: Green Gate Guest Houses | Biwabik, MN

If you’re looking for a great Minnesota getaway you need to check out Green Gate Guest Houses, located near Biwabik, Minnesota. The property is bordered by Giants Ridge Recreational Area, The Mesabi Bike Trail and the Embarrass River, and is a short drive from the Bavarian-themed town of Biwabik.  We discovered Green Gate during our recent trip to Duluth and the Iron Range and absolutely loved it there. Not only is the location ideal and next to so many great activities, but Green Gate is so beautiful that you might have a hard time leaving to do anything else! We spent a lot of time around the fire pit and enjoying everything the beautiful vacation home and property had to offer. There’s a river that runs alongside the property, so in warmer months you have access to the river to lounge (plop some lawn chairs down in the shallow water) or paddle.


The owner, Shawn, is a former engineer who now spends the majority of his time constructing beautiful guest homes on his property and managing them as amazing little vacation spots. During our recent trip we stayed in the farmhouse, but there’s also a barn home, a log cabin and more in the works (we got a sneak peak of the Miner’s House, which Shawn is currently working on, and also peaked at the riverside ‘tiny house’ that is still a work in progress).

Travel Guide: Green Gate Guest Houses | Biwabik, MN

During our time in Biwabik we biked 30 miles along The Mesabi Trail (read more about it in this post), which is easy to access from Green Gate Guest Houses. The folks at Mesabi Shuttle can even arrange to pick you up right from Green Gate and transport you and your bikes to a trail head. Green Gate is right next door to one of Minnesota’s greatest recreational areas, Giants Ridge, where you can find world class skiing, golfing, fat biking, snow tubing, disc golf, hiking, an outdoor pool, beaches, a rock climbing wall and a system of mountain bike trails that is slated to open in 2018. You’re also near Sabin Lake (along with several other local lakes) where you can partake in a host of water activities. I promise, if you decide you can tear yourself away from your beautiful surroundings at Green Gate, you will not be bored for a single second. You can find additional information about local activities through Iron Range Tourism.

Another fun fact about Green Gate that we wanted to share is that they have a Tesla Charging Station as well as a Clipper Creek Universal Charger right on site. Being about 206 miles north of Minneapolis makes Green Gate Guest Houses ideal for Tesla and other electronic car drivers who are looking for a place to not only relax and recharge themselves….but are looking to vacation in Northern Minnesota with their Tesla and need to plan on being able to recharge the car during their stay (most electronic cars have a range of 200-300 miles on one charge)!

Travel Guide: Green Gate Guest Houses | Biwabik, MN

We’d love to get back up to Biwabik this summer if our schedule allows, but are definitely anticipating a return trip to Green Gate Guest Houses in the winter for skiing and fat biking!

In case you’re wondering, Green Gate is not a dog friendly property, but they do consider 4-legged guests for return customers, with a preference for dogs who are non-shedding. You can contact them directly to ask about bringing your furry friend along on your vacation. Walter had a blast and gives Green Gate four paws up! 

Online Instagram Class

Mastering Instagram: an online class that teaches you how to successfully manage Instagram for your small business | Thyme is Honey

It’s easy to feel like your content is getting swallowed up on social media. Like no matter how hard you try, you aren’t connecting with your audience or reaching your ideal client, customer or fan. Over the past 8 years I’ve been responsible for not only managing and promoting myself, my business and my own products on social media, but I’ve also been helping manage accounts for brands who were growing into household names.

Mastering Instagram: an online class that teaches you how to successfully manage Instagram for your small business | Thyme is Honey

As a small business owner, I was always paying close attention to what was working for my clients, and teaching myself to adapt those techniques for my small business. I’ve enjoyed teaching my in-person workshops over the years, but am now thrilled to be partnering with The Mint Academy to help bring this information directly to you. Last week we opened enrollment for my online class, Mastering Instagram, which teaches you all of the skills and strategies required to market your service, brand or product on Instagram! This class will help you not only develop an effective strategy, but will also show you that it is possible to manage Instagram on your own, and that even as a busy entrepreneur you can step back, take a deep breath, and have an impactful presence (even if you only have five minutes a day). Best of all, the class allows you dive into the coursework without ever leaving your house (or couch, or bed)!

Mastering Instagram: an online class that teaches you how to successfully manage Instagram for your small business | Thyme is Honey

To help you get started we’ve put together these free tutorials that will teach you some of the introductory topics to help you instantly improve your Instagram game:

Study Hall Week 1 – Instagram Audit and Hashtags

Study Hall Week 2 – Creating a 5 Minute Plan

Study Hall Week 3 – Recurring Features 


When you purchase the full course you receive a 30 Minute Video and a 15 Page PDF that will help guide you along as your complete the course.  Imagine investing just 30-60 minutes today, and waking up tomorrow ready to professionally represent your brand on Instagram! The full course dives deeper into topics such as: account moderation, community engagement, content calendars, tips for being more efficient with managing your account + more! Enroll before June 8th to get $20 off (no code required)!

If you have questions about the course and whether or not it’s a good fit for you, feel free to reach out to me via email (dani@thyme-is-honey.com) or catch me on Instagram or Twitter

Travel: Minnesota’s Iron Range

Travel Guide: Minnesota's Iron Range and biking the Mesabi Trail | Thyme is Honey

After our recent trip to Duluth, MN, we continued north to Minnesota’s Iron Range. We are excited to spend time exploring some of the most bike-able areas in the state, and with more than 155 miles of paved pathway, the Iron Range was a great place for us to start this two-wheeled adventure!

We started our trip out by driving from Duluth, MN to Virginia, MN where we met up with Chris from Mesabi Shuttle. We loaded our bikes and Walter’s bike cart up, and they drove us 25 miles west to Hibbing, MN and dropped us off at the trailhead for the Mesabi Trail, one of Minnesota’s longest bike trails. With Walter in tow we set out for a 30 mile ride toward Chisholm, then continued east toward Virginia, MN.

Travel Guide: Minnesota's Iron Range and biking the Mesabi Trail | Thyme is Honey

If you enjoy biking you will love spending a day (or two!) on the Mesabi Trail. The trail is in great condition, is well cared for, and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.  The Mesabi Trail reaches over 155 miles and connects 28 communities. We bike for excercise and function, but also for fun! So, we appreciate when a bike trail frequent stops in towns where we can find food, drinks and little side trips or activities.

The Mesabi Trail is dense with all of those! Right as you take off from Hibbing you’ll get the opportunity to take a short detour and bike to an overlook for a working mine. Not only was the mine kind of picturesque (and so vast!) but it was also fun to see the gigantic trucks driving around.

Travel Guide: Minnesota's Iron Range and biking the Mesabi Trail | Thyme is Honey

After that short stop we got back on our bikes and headed toward Chisholm, where we planned to stop for a quick lunch. A few people had recommended the Black Bear Bakery, so we stopped in there to get a sandwich and then enjoyed it at a picnic table in a nearby park. Chisholm has a very picturesque and quaint main street. Its definitely worth the extra mile of biking to pop off the main trail and visit the town.

The Mesabi Trail is built along a string of mining towns, so you don’t really have any shortage of stops. Between Chisholm and Virginia we stopped at a swimming beach (would be the perfect spot for a quick dip in the warmer months) and then in Buhl for a cold beer. Along the way you bike past lots of lakes and old mines and can easily get entranced by the beauty of the northwoods! The ride goes really quickly and is pretty relaxed. You’ll quickly find yourself arriving back in Virginia (it took us about 2.5 hours of pedaling, with a trailer).

Travel Guide: Minnesota's Iron Range and biking the Mesabi Trail | Thyme is Honey

Virginia has a lot to offer for drinks and food, so be sure to plan on ending your trip with dinner. Since Walter was with us we set out in search of a dog friendly patio and spent a couple hours out on the deck at Flaimer’s Bar and Grill. Before leaving town we made a quick stop at Natural Harvest Food Coop to get food and supplies for our weekend at Green Gate Guest Houses. This was probably one of the nicest food coops I’ve ever visited!

If you are headed to this neck of the woods and are looking for lodging, be sure to check out Green Gate Guest Houses! We stayed in The Farm House and cannot recommend it enough. The location is perfect for biking The Mesabi Trail, but is also located right next to Giants Ridge (like honestly walking distance), which has an abundance of activities! We spent our Friday night grilling out and enjoying the fire pit, but on Saturday we made the short drive to Lookout Mountain to do some hiking.

We really enjoyed our time in The Iron Range! The Mesabi Trail was very condusive to the type of trip we wanted to plan, and we didn’t have any trouble keeping ourselves busy and entertained throughout the two days we spent there.  We’re definitely looking forward to biking this trail system again in the future, and are hoping to get back up that way this winter for skiing and fat biking at Giants Ridge!