Perfect Fall Cardigan


Occasionally I come across a piece of clothing that is just too good not to share with you. After seeing a post from a friend of a cute kimono from LOFT I ended up on their site. Unfortunately the one she had shared was sold out, but I stumbled across this cardigan and decided to give […]

Planning Your Trip to Mall of America


When I was growing up my family made an annual pilgrimage up to the Twin Cities for our summer vacation. It involved Valley Fair, occasionally the Renaissance Festival and every year, without fail, some back-to-school shopping at the Mall of America. I didn’t realize growing up that not everyone lives within a couple hours of […]

Kusmi Iced Tea

Kusmi Iced Tea

Over the past year I’ve become much more of a tea drinker than I was previously. As with coffee, I prefer it iced and with as straw (its better for your teeth!) and I’ve learned that perfecting the art of the iced tea takes a bit of practice. It was a real treat when Kusmi […]

Fake Instagram Influencers

Dont Buy Followers or Bots on Instagram

I was recently interviewed by Buzzfeed about Fake Instagram Influencers and purchasing likes or followers (watch the video they put together here). I was really honored that they thought of me as an expert and, given the topic, was more than happy to sound off with my thoughts on it. The topic was Instagram bots, […]

Shopping Guide: Volume One

Shopping Guide Volume One

I’ve gotten several requests to start sharing more outfit inspiration and shopping guides again. I’ve always loved putting together outfit boards but they can be a bit time consuming and so the feature has fallen off over the years. I thought a good way to get back into the habit would be to share items […]