A Bed to Dream On

How to create the perfect bed - finding the perfect mattress and bedding.

The bed has been the major focus of our Master Bedroom Revamp. After transforming the walls from dark blue to white, we got  busy with some serious mattress research.  Our new BeautyRest Black Sidney Mattress finally arrived and now it’s time for bedding and finishing all the little details in the room. Below are some tips for creating your ultimate dream bed:

1. New Mattress! What first attracted us to the Beatyrest Black Collection was the overall appearance of the mattress—-these things are thick (14-18 inches depending on the model) and the fabrics and materials stand out from the rest. Since we have a platform bed that doesn’t require a box spring, a thick, sturdy mattress is ideal and we found that in the Beautyrest Black Sidney ($3,500-$5,599. We were won over by the Micro Diamond Infused AirCool Memory Foam Technology. We are literally sleeping on diamonds.  Beautyrest has utilized the conductive properties of diamonds to help move body heat away from the body and help regulate your temperature throughout the night. The amazing pillowtop on this thing was amazing enough, but the idea of sleeping atop of diamonds really sealed the deal! We are completely loving our Beautyrest Black experience so far, and I’ll do a follow-up in a couple weeks!  The Beautyrest Black Collection is definitely luxury at it’s finest. Sleep is the ultimate luxury, afterall, dream in black.

2. Bedding! West Elm is my go-to resource for home decor—especially when it comes to bedding or shower curtains. I just haven’t found anyone else who offers the great color and patterns that West Elm does. However, bedding was not an easy decision for me. I actually purchased and returned 3 comforters before finally falling in love with West Elm’s Stamped Duvet ($119.oo). With the clean white walls and our large wooden bed frame the simple black and white pattern of this duvet ended up being the perfect balance.  We choose the Standard Down Alternative Insert ($179.00) to go inside the duvet. It’s fluffy, but not overly thick or warm.

3. Sheets! Sheets were another tough decision for me. I really wanted to go all out and get 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets. Afterall, that seemed like the perfect compliment to our extremely luxurious mattress. But you guys, they do *not* make Egyptian cotton sheets in fun colors or patterns. And I’ll admit it, I totally wanted sheets that were a little crazy. I ended up ordering these Striped Celery Root ($49) sheets from West Elm. At 200 TC I was kind of nervous that they wouldn’t be that soft—-but you know what? They totally are. And the smile they put on my face every time I pull back the duvet and see those bright green stripes is priceless. (plus, they were totally on sale).  Other options pictured: West Elm Dot Sheet Set ($99.00, king), West Elm Organic Harmony Sheet Set ($79.99, king).

4. Pillows! Oh man. This is going to be a long post. Because I also have way too much to say about pillows. I have always been a huge fan of throw pillows. Stacking our throw pillows to the side of our bed has been a nightly ritual for years and has always reminded me of that scene in Along Came Polly (you know, this one). But for some reason I am just totally undecided in the throw pillow department this time. When I ordered our bedding I ordered three West Elm Euro Pillows ($49.00 each) with the matching Stamped Euro Covers ($29.00  each) and so far I am just really loving the simplicity of how it looks and how fast we can make (and unmake) the bed. Not to mention, Euro pillows are so much more comfortable than throw pillows when it comes to snuggling up and reading or watching a movie in bed. I think we’re gonna buck tradition and skip the throw pillows. Options pictured: West Elm Silk Cayenne Cover ($35.00), West Elm Steven Alan Pillow Cover ($35.00),  West Elm Embroidered Lattice Pillow Cover ($39.0o).

5. Accent Blanket or throw! I’m a big fan of having an extra blanket layered across the foot of the bed. Not only does it provide a pop of color and some extra texture…but it also comes in handy when you need some extra warmth. Which for me is all the time.  Right now we have added a bright green IKEA blanket that we already owned, but I might upgrade it if we find the right color and size. Options pictured: West Elm Jacquard Key Throw ($47.00), West Elm Softest Throw ($39.00), West Elm Steven Alan Alpaca Throw ($103.00).

So there you have it. That is my process for putting together a bed and I am so happy with our final result! I can’t wait to share pictures of our completely redone bedroom (coming soon) along with a follow-up review after 1-month on our Beautyrest Black Sidney mattress!

Please note that we were provided with a Beautyrest Black Sidney Mattress courtesy of Simmons Beautyrest for review, but all opinions shared within this post are my own. As always, I aim to share the products and experiences that I truly love + enjoy.

LeviOsa not LeviosA

LeviOsa not LeviosA sweatshirt + GAP Denim + Baubles + Black Flats.

I have a lot to say today. I’ll start by saying that I’m a HUGE Harry Potter nerd. I read all the books twice and the last book came out when I was like a senior in college and  I had no shame  carrying around that 800 page young adult novel. Obviously when I spotted this sweatshirt from Tees and Tank You I had to have it. I’d also like to say a word (or ten) about these GAP jeans. They’ve been on constant rotation the past month and look like $250 designer denim. They’re prefect with a 4″ cuff and a pair of  TOMS, but I also know they are going to transition perfectly with booties for fall. I’m contemplating a second pair. I also once again have to say how obsessed I am with RocksBox. Rocksbox is a monthly service that sends you a box full of gorgeous designer jewelry for only $15. When you’re sick of wearing it, you send it back for new stuff. Or if you love it, you can buy it and keep it (I’m keeping this one). I did a full post about it here if you want to learn more (and get one month free!). And lastly, this Dior Healthy Glow Awakening Blush has totally blown my mind. It’s this obnoxious shade of bubblegum pink that ends up looking absolutely perfect once applied.

Today’s Outfit: LeviOsa Sweatshirt via TeesAndTankYou on Etsy ($27.99), GAP Destructed Real Straight Jeans ($69.95), Report Simba Flat ($39.95), RocksBox Necklace (monthly service), Dior Healthy Glow Awakening Blush ($44.00), Dior Addict Extreme 479 in Holiday ($33.00).

Back To School Paper Goods: products to get  you organized and stylish this year.

Paper goods have come a long way in the past few years (I used the term”few” instead of admitting that I’ve been out of college for over 6 years, yeesh). If I were a student today I would need all the patterned notepads and my dorm room would need all the gold foil prints.  And I won’t even start discussing pens. Anyways, for some of you the start of a new school year is just around the corner (Go Norse!) so here are my picks for Back to School Paper Goods. You can find my Daily Page Notepad in my Etsy Shop (buying options below) and get 10% Off with code: HONEY

Daily Page Notepad – Single
Daily Page Notepad – 2 Pack
Daily Page Notepad – 6 Pack
Daily Page Notepad – 12 Pack
Daily Page Notepad – Digital Download
Daily Page Notepad – Digital Download (with 3-hole Punch)
Daily Page Notepad – Digital Download (prints 2 per page, 5.5″ x 8.5″)
Daily Page Notepad – Digital Download (planner size, 6.25×8.25)
Daily Page Notepad – Digital Download (A5 Size, 5.8×8.26)

PICTURED: Kate Spade Sticky Notes ($16.00), Inky Co. Apple  Notepad ($7.95), Thyme is Honey Daily Page Notepad ($23.00 for 2) Kate Spade Agendas ($36.00), Le Pen Set ($20.20), Washi Tape from Pretty Tape on Etsy ($4.00), Urbanic Paper Boutique Cheers Print ($38.00), Sanford Pink Pearl Erasers ($.82), Inky Co. Inka Books ($15.85), Gold Paper Clips ($2.39), Sugar Paper Sophisticated Merci Notecard ($28.00).

The Perfect Mattress

Mattress Shopping: 8 Tips for finding the perfect mattress.

We’ve recently started our Master Bedroom Revamp and although I am so excited for new bedding, new art, and that fresh paint job, nothing has been quite as vital as our hunt for the perfect mattress. In looking for a mattress there were a few things we were looking for: 1. A mattress comfortable for slide sleepers (we both sleep on our side). 2. A mattress that is designed to regulate body temperature. He’s always hot. I’m always cold. 3. Something luxurious and made of high-quality materials.

1. Do your research: Take note of comfortable beds you’ve slept on and find out what type they were. Ask friends and family members for advice. Look up mattress reviews online.

2. Don’t buy it without testing it out: It’s a little awkward but there’s no other way to find a comfortable mattress!

3. Look at the numbers: There are thousands of  options when it comes to mattresses. Narrow it down by determining your budget and working from there. Find 3-5 mattresses that are top candidates before moving on to step #4.

4. Plan to spend a couple hours at the store: Take your pillow and your partner with. Both of these things effect how you lie on the bed and the weight of your partner will effect how the mattress feels.  Spend 10-15 minutes on each mattress. Test out the position you would normally sleep in.

5. The right mattress should feel like floating: There should be no pressure applied to your joints or bones and you shouldn’t be able to feel any of  the springs or the inner support system. If you sleep on your side try doing the “waist test”. Can you slide 2-3 fingers between your waist and the mattress? If so, that’s a sign that the mattress isn’t properly supporting you.

6. Ignore old myths and wives’ tales: Such as coil count. The more coils don’t necessarily mean more comfort (a count of 390 is ideal and you can’t really feel a difference beyond that). A firmer mattresses isn’t necessarily better for people with lower back pain—-although we’re often told that. The perfect mattress is different for each person (hence the importance of #4).

7. Material matters: ask about what materials are used in the mattress, especially in the top layer that will come in contact with you. Some materials breathe easier than others. Certain types of foam and synthetic fabrics can retain heat and leave you sweating in the night. Other mattresses are designed to keep you cool and help regulate your temperature.

8. Ask about money-back or comfort guarantees and check the warranty: These are a great way to ensure you get the right mattress. Sometimes it takes weeks to realize that the mattress isn’t comfortable for you and guarantees give you the option to change your mind and try something different.  A high-quality mattress should come with at least a 10-year warranty. If no warranty is offered that should make you raise an eyebrow.

After our mattress shopping experience we had it narrowed down to 2 choices. Both are from the Simmons BeautyRest Black Collection: the Kate and the Sidney. Both mattresses are about as luxurious as you can get and feature a Micro Diamond Infused AirCool Memory Foam top layer that will help regulate our temperatures throughout the night. More on BeautyRest Black and our final decision later!


Introducing Wantable: Intimates + Shapewear Delivery Service.

We don’t talk about underwear very often.  I don’t know about you but I have a wee bit of a hoarding problem when it comes to the ol’ underwear drawer. What can I say, I like pretty things. Pretty lacy things.

I was recently introduced to Wantable. A Milwaukee-based (whoop, whoop, go Midwest!) subscription service that offers monthly boxes in three categories: JEWELRY | MAKEUP | INTIMATES. Obviously I opted to check out their Intimates box and I was so happy I did! I’ve never been a huge shapewear person, but my latest Wantable Box included a saucy little shapewear dress from JewelToned via Wantable. At first I thought it was a super tiny dress that I would never fit into, but I quickly realized it was this handy dandy shapewear dress that smoothedeverythingout and tuckedeverythingin (ya hear me?).  I know I’ll be getting a lot of use out of that item simply because every dress looks just at little bit better with it lightly layered underneath. The box also included this lacy little bralette from Pucker Up via Wantable and I simply adore it. I’m not one for padding, and I definitely tend to favor simplicty in the bra department, so this has been perfect under my sundresses.

Check out Wantable by clicking here and get info on the items above at the links below:

UNDERNEATH: Scallop Rose Bralette from Pucker Up via Wantable, Contour Hourglass Dress from JewelToned via Wantable, Marni Tights ($110).
ON TOP: Gareth Pugh Fitted Dress ($353.00), Paul Smith Leather Belt ($185.00), Sophie Hulme Envelope Clutch ($599.00), Deborah Lippmann Lacquer ($18.00), Givenchy Lipstick in Rose Dahlia ($36.00).
HEELS + BLING: Jimmy Choo Leather Pumps ($675.00), Loren Hope Carina Necklace in Aurora ($165.00).