Notepad Giveaway

Win It: A one year supply of my favorite organizational notepads.

Sometime last month I had my 2,000th sale on Etsy and forgot to celebrate it. So, now we’ll celebrate my 2,200th sale with a giveaway! Wanna win a One Year Supply of my Daily Page Notepads? Hope so! These little babies are my secret weapon for well-organized days and to-do list domination!

Not much for contests? You can Buy 1 notepad on Etsy, or Buy 2 notepads on Etsy, or purchase the Digital Download and print it yourself. (+ get 10% off your entire order with code: HONEY)

However, if you prefer to WIN a gigantic package of 12 notepads (that’s 600 PAGES…so more like a TWO YEAR SUPPLY!) just follow these simple steps:

Follow me on INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST using the Rafflecopter below. The contest ends at 11:30 AM CST on August 6th and the winner will receive their package via USPS Priority mail by August 11th!

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My Talking Pet

If you haven’t been wasting time with the My Talking Pet app you are sadly missing out on a pretty solid abdominal workout.  I can’t get over how easy it is and how well it works. The movements in the eyes and face make it so realistic, it absolutely kills me. Is there a My Talking Baby app, yet? Because that would be hilarious and the idea of superimposing talking mouths onto my newborn is possibly enough to make me want one.

Call me Old Fashioned: a recipe for a Wisconsin Old Fashioned using Brandy.

You don’t get much more Wisconsin than an Old Fashioned. An Old Fashioned made with Brandy (versus the seemingly more popular Whiskey variation). Admittedly I hadn’t sipped an Old Fashioned until I had lived in Wisconsin for a year or so, but once I had one I truly understood the state’s infatuation. It seems like each establishment has their own “secret recipe” for the traditional drink, here’s how we do it at our house:


Lowball glass full of crushed ice or 1 Ice Sphere
2 oz Brandy
1 tbsp Homemade Simple Syrup (or 1 sugar cube if you’re feeling lazy)
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
2 Orange Wedges
2 Maraschino Cherries
Soda Water (we make ours using our Soda Stream)


Add 1 orange wedge, 1 cherry, simple syrup (or sugar), and bitters to bottom of lowball glass and muddle. Top with crushed ice (or ice sphere). Poor 2 oz. Brandy over ice, top with a splash of soda water.

Bend a Little

 "The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists." - Japanese Proverb


A little inspiration for your Monday: “The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.” – Japanese Proverb

Henna Lipstick

Henna Lipstick: it's like mood lipstick! It reacts to your body's pH & temperature to stain your lips a custom color that looks extremely natural. Lasts hours!

Today I’m over at Beauty Bets reviewing Henna Lipstick. Have you heard about this crazy green stuff? It reacts to your body’s pH and temperature to create a custom color for your lips. It tints your lips (everyone’s unique color will be different!) and lasts a few hours. Read my full review, see before/after pictures, and get info on buying by clicking here.